‘Paper Girls’ Star Camryn Jones Talks Finale Twist & How Things Could ‘Change’ In Season 2

'Paper Girls' breakout star Camryn Jones spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about that game-changing finale ending, adult Tiffany's surprising revelation to younger Tiff, and more. Spoilers ahead!

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Camryn Jones
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Just when you thought Paper Girls was going back to 1988, the Prime Video series pulled one last twist on us. In the last moments of the finale, Tiffany and Erin believed their pod was taking them back home. When they emerged, they found themselves in the 1970s. Meanwhile, we have no idea where KJ and Mac ended up. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Camryn Jones about her reaction to the finale.

“When I first read it, I was in a van on the way back from shooting. They sent out the scripts, and we all started reading them in the car. I was sitting right next to Riley [Lai Nelet] actually. We were like, ‘Oh, this is so cool.’ It was the best experience actually. I was really interested that that was the ending because I liked the cliffhanger. I thought it was so cool, and I was so excited to actually film it,” Camryn, who plays young Tiff, said.

Camryn Jones
Camryn Jones at the ‘Paper Girls’ screening. (Prime Video)

The young actress admitted that Tiff, Erin, KJ, and Mac getting split in half will “allow the two relationships between the two girls to get closer. I think it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic will adapt or alter or maybe even change when the girls possibly or not possibly reunite.”

The ending of season 1 leaves the door wide open for season 2. Camryn revealed that she would love to see more of Tiff’s development. “I would love to see how our relationship would grow with Erin since they are going to be together,” Camryn revealed. “I would love to see how her relationship grows with the other two girls after. But I would also really love to see comic elements that weren’t utilized in season 1 be present in season 2.

The core four characters of Paper Girls are equally fascinating in their own way. Camryn loved how Tiff is this “encyclopedic, curious fireball. She’s a natural-born leader. But I think what really struck me originally, the connection between us, was that relatability. As soon as I read those comics, I could relate to Tiff. I could empathize with her. I could feel her struggle. Plus, I really admired how intelligent she was and how she always had this growth mindset. She didn’t want to settle in being where she is. She’s always curious to learn more. I love how passionate she is about the things she wants, and how she’ll do anything to accomplish her goals.”

Camryn Jones
Camryn Jones with Sekai Abenì. (Prime Video)

When the girls travel forward in time to 1999, Tiff meets the older version of herself, played by Sekai Abenì. “It actually didn’t feel like I was splitting Tiff in half or giving it away,” Camryn told HollywoodLife about working with Sekai. “It felt like Tiff was growing with me. I mean, we did skip a few years, but it was really cool to play around with her because she would come over and we would eat while working on our scripts, so we could get to know each other’s mannerisms and stuff.”

Tiff is shocked to see the massive changes in adult Tiffany, and we later learn that Tiffany was adopted. While Camryn admitted the realization that her mother kept this secret is “devastating” for Tiff, she hopes that if Tiff gets back to 1988 and remembers what she knows then she’ll confront her mother earlier about it. “I feel like that would allow more time for that healing process, and it wouldn’t allow as much resentment towards towards their mother like adult Tiff has. But if they don’t remember, will time stay the same? That’s the real question,” Camryn said.

Camryn Jones
Camryn Jones as Tiff. (Prime Video)

Camryn wants to keep molding her version and Sekai’s Tiff into an evolved version of the character moving forward. “I would say that she’s going to make sure that she does go down the path that she is aspiring to when she is 12, but I think she would still want to retain some elements that adult Tiff has, like how she’s happy and how she is following her own heart and not what her mother wants for her,” Camryn told HollywoodLife.

While filming Paper Girls, the 15-year-old admitted that the show opened up a lot of “philosophical questions” for her. “Would I be happy if I didn’t turn out like I am right now? Would I just be happy if future me is happy? In that second question, I think the answer is yes. Because as long as I’m happy in the future, I don’t really care if it’s my ideal version of right now. The show opened up a lot of questions for me, but it also provided answers because I got to live through my questions,” Camryn said.

Paper Girls is now streaming on Prime Video. To follow Camryn, head over to her Instagram @camrynajones.