‘SYTTD’ Preview: A Bride’s Mom Admits She Thought Her Daughter May Never ‘Find Love’

A bride's mom tears up over her daughter looking for a wedding dress after finding love in this EXCLUSIVE 'Say Yes To The Dress' preview.

Meredith Knox is a bride looking for her perfect gown at Kleinfeld Bridal. She tries on a gorgeous wedding dress with a whole lot of bling at the start of this EXCLUSIVE preview of Say Yes To The Dress. “I do like the beading a lot. I like the color a lot,” Meredith says.

Meredith’s mom, Cheryl, doesn’t know how she feels about the dress color. The consultant notes that the color can always change. Cheryl begins to tear up over seeing her daughter in a wedding dress. She admits it’s a “little overwhelming” for her.

Say Yes to The Dress
Meredith tries on her first wedding dress at Kleinfeld Bridal. (TLC)

“We had some times when she was thinking she was never going to find love and, you know, struggling with her identity,” Cheryl reveals about Meredith. Kelly Anderson, Meredith’s friend, admits that Meredith was initially “anxious” about telling her she was “interested in dating a woman.”

“Once I think she actually said it out loud, it was almost like, okay, like, it’s real and my friends are still here and my family is still here. That’s when everything just changed,” Kelly adds. Meredith has since found her perfect someone.

Meredith asks her mom and Kelly. “We all had the confidence,” Cheryl says. “We were just waiting for you to come around.” That’s when Cheryl begins to cry full mom tears.

While this first dress isn’t the dress, it’s a step in the right direction. Meredith heads back to the dressing room with the consultant to find the next dress to dry on. Meredith is feeling good about her chances to find her perfect gown.

Say Yes to The Dress
Meredith’s mom and friend come with her to try on wedding dresses. (TLC)

“It is a beautiful dress, and it is way closer to a wedding dress than I’ve ever worn, but I feel like I could probably find something that I love. I hope,” Meredith says. Say Yes To The Dress season 20 airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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