Aaron Rodgers Looks Scarily Like Nic Cage In ‘Con Air’ in Wild Packers Training Video: Watch

Is Cameron Poe playing for the Green Bay Packers now? No, it’s just that Aaron Rodgers looked just like Nic Cage’s iconic character when reporting to training camp.

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Aaron Rodgers delivered the most unexpected celebration of Con Air’s 25th anniversary on Tuesday. In a video shared by the Green Bay Packers’ official Twitter account, Aaron, 38, arrived at training camp in what fans dubbed “full-on Nic Cage cosplay.” Aaron sported an unshaved face, a white tank-top tucked into his blue jeans and a whole lot of attitude. With his hair flowing down to his shoulders, Aaron strutted in with a bag in his hand – which he dropped before making his way into camp. The whole look was applauded by fans who couldn’t help but see Rodgers doing an homage to the 1997 blockbuster.

Nic Cage in ‘Con Air’ (Shutterstock)

“Aaron Rodgers showed up to camp looking like he’s gonna throw Dave Chapelle out of a plane,” tweeted one which – spoiler alert. “Aaron Rodgers look like he’s about to thwart Cyrus the Virus’ escape plan…” “Was he going for the Cameron Poe look? Because if so, he NAILED it.” “You can never go wrong with Con Air. Great movie.” “CON AIRRON,” said one fan, in the best pun of the group. There were others who thought he bore a resemblance to WCW cruiserweight champ Billy Kidman and Scott Stapp of creed, but for the most part, audiences got the reference.

This Con Air look comes months after Aaron signed a new contract with the Packers. After a moment when it seemed like Aaron might be done with Green Bay, he signed an extension that would reportedly pay him $150.8 million over the next three years, for an average of just over $50 million per year, per Sports Illustrated. The move makes him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL (as of July 2022, per NBC Sports).

Aaron also recently got his first tattoo. The new design featured some incredibly fine linework, and was a compilation of many elements. The ink included two lions facing each other, a series of constellations overhead, an opened eye, a sun over an endless ocean, and multiple mathematical elements. “There’s a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely each element of this art piece,” wrote Aaron when unveiling the tattoo, “and I’ll share a little more about that one day.”

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