‘RHODubai’: Chanel Ayan Dissects Her Feud With Caroline Stanbury, Says More ‘Drama’ Is ‘Coming’

Chanel Ayan breaks down her feud with 'RHODubai' co-star Caroline Stanbury. Plus, she reveals whether there's any hope for a genuine friendship in this EXCLUSIVE new interview.

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If you’ve been enjoying The Real Housewives of Dubai, then you’re in for a treat. Chanel Ayan recently sat down for an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife on our Real Housewives podcast, Pay Attention Puh-Lease!, and she shared her feelings on all the drama going down on the show. From her feud with Caroline Stanbury to sharing painful memories from her childhood, she didn’t hold back. Plus, she got really excited over the idea of joining Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip one day. And guess what? She’s fully on board with Caroline going with her.

“I wouldn’t mind going with Caroline Stanbury — I’m not going to lie. I think it would be fun — if she becomes herself [and shows] the sides [of her] that I like, [instead of acting] like she’s holier than thou, or that she’s been on a TV show and she’s better than me. So if she comes in like the person that I’ve seen in the last few episodes, [then] yeah, I’d be happy to go on with her. Absolutely,” Chanel told us, when we asked who she’d like to go on the show with.

Then, when the topic of their on-again, off-again feud came up, she said that she felt it stemmed from before cameras started rolling. “I think it started before the cameras started filming because it just started behind the scenes a lot,” she explained. “And then, [her] finding out that I’m going to be on the show, I think, kind of stressed her because we have a lot of friends in common that know me personally, and know my character, and know that I’m very outspoken. And maybe that made her feel like, ‘Oh — I want to be a bigger star like I am’, and stuff like that. And she is — I respect her for everything she’s done. Right? I like to give people credit where they deserve it. But I think [the drama] started before [the show began filming].”

“She has a lot [of qualities] that are amazing, and that I respect,” she continued. “I give her credit where she deserves, but I think definitely right now, it’s like — she probably thought and hoped that she was going to be ‘the one’ [on the show], and maybe she is ‘the one’ in a lot of ways, [but] the thing is — we’re six girls in one show. It’s not just me. [The show] is about six women, and we all have our own moments.”

“As much as I can be savage and I can be shady and stuff like that, I still respect all of them and everything that they’re doing because the show wouldn’t be the same without all of us,” she further said, before jokingly adding, “but I think maybe I’m better in some ways.”

‘RHODubai’ stars Caroline Stanbury & Chanel Ayan (BRAVO)

In a preview for the remainder of the season, Caroline is seen getting mad at Chanel for wearing what appears to be a white wedding dress to an event for her wedding with Sergio, but Chanel says she did nothing wrong. “I was told to wear white. That was the assignment. You’re inviting me, and telling me to wear white, but you don’t get to tell me what to wear. She just said wear white shoes and wear a white outfit, so I wore that. I’m the type of person that wears whatever I want. So maybe my dress was more dramatic than hers, but then again, she also knew that I was coming, [so] it’s not my issue,” Chanel explained before saying her dress was better than Caroline’s. “But she did look beautiful — she really looked beautiful. I wasn’t trying to [outshine] her.”

So where do they stand today? Well, Chanel told us that there’s “definitely” more “drama coming”, so viewers need to prepare themselves. To hear more about that and more — including Chanel’s love for RHOBH alum Kim Richards, which Real Housewives moments are her favorites, and how she feels about the rest of her co-stars — listen to the full podcast episode above.

Want more? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Dubai air Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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