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‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Reveals She Still Talks To Ex Tom Girardi – Why She Can’t Divorce Him

On the July 20 episode of 'RHOBH', Erika Jayne told Lisa Rinna that estranged husband Tom Girardi reached out to her after she tested positive for COVID.

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Lisa Rinna was surprised to hear Erika Jayne is still talking to her estranged husband, Tom Girardi. The singer made the big reveal during the July 20 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after she tested positive for COVID. Lisa wondered whether Erika talks to Tom “at all”, and Erika told her, “Yeah — he heard I had COVID, so he wanted to make sure I was okay.”

Then, in a private confessional, Erika further explained: “When Tom calls, sometimes he’s super present and at other times, he thinks I’m someone else. Nothing about these conversations are good other than I know that he’s in a safe place. But I also know what that place means. You know? Memory care facility — I’ve been down this road with my grandmother. It doesn’t get better. It only gets worse from here.”

Then, Lisa asked Erika about her potential divorce from Tom. “Now — let me ask you. They’ve come out and said the brother’s going to represent him in your divorce?” And Erika said that’s true, but she suspects it’s because Tom can’t currently afford to pay the divorce lawyer he had. “But also — I can’t get a divorce right now,” Erika further told Lisa. “I’m legally separated, so my life has moved on and everything is separate, but I can’t get a divorce right now. There’s just so much legal s*** going on.”

She continued, “It’s ironic, but if I was divorced from Tom, I’d have to pay him alimony. So, I’ll stay married — thanks.”

“It’s always something it seems,” Lisa said, to which Erika replied, “Yeah, it’s a weird time. And I’m really ready for it to be over.”

Meanwhile, Dorit Kemsley went wild over Jamie Lee Curtis, who was a special guest at Kyle Richards‘ charity luncheon. Jamie was showing the ladies products that her charity at the Children’s Hospital would be giving away and Dorit thought everything was “so chic” — even a very basic dog leash.

Later, an eye-opening social media post threw attention on Crystal Kung-Minkoff. After not feeling good about herself, she took to Instagram to reveal she has an eating disorder, so when all the ladies gathered at Kyle’s, she opened up about it during an intimate conversation with Kyle and Diana Jenkins. Kyle asked some sensitive questions, but she said she was only asking because she, too, battled an eating disorder earlier in her life, and she wanted to offer Crystal any help that she could. Crystal appreciated it, and they hugged it out before rejoining the rest of the group.

One person who wasn’t as sensitive about the reveal was Erika, who actually made inappropriate jokes about the eating disorder at Diana’s holiday party, where Kathy Hilton also made her triumphant return to the group.

Anyway, when Erika heard Crystal talking about her eating disorder, she suggested that Crystal use laxatives so she could poop out the food she didn’t want in her body, rather than throwing it up. Crystal and Garcelle Beauvais couldn’t believe what Erika had said. And things only got worse from there — when someone came around with chicken fingers and dipping sauce, Erika laughed and told Crystal she can’t have any because she’d never eat a chicken finger. It was bizarre, and Crystal wondered whether Erika was drinking too much again.

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