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‘MasterChef’ Preview: Gordon Ramsay Surprises The Chefs With Season 7 Winner Shaun O’Neale

In this EXCLUSIVE clip, 'MasterChef' season 7 champion Shaun O'Neale makes a surprise appearance in the new season and reunites with the woman he beat, Brandi Mudd.

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Shaun O’Neale is back! The MasterChef season 7 winner returns for the first “Mystery Box Challenge” in the June 22 episode of season 12, MasterChef: Back to Win. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, Gordon Ramsay tell the contestants — who have all competed on previous seasons — that before they can learn what’s under the mystery boxes involved in the contest, he’s going to show them a surprise hidden under the “gigantic” box behind him.

Shaun O’Neale in
‘MasterChef’ (Photo: Fox)

Suddenly, the massive box opens to show female dancers surrounding Shaun, 39, who initially has his back turned away from the contestants. Once Shaun, who is dressed in a black chef shirt and hat, reveals himself, the chefs go wild with an abundance of cheering and yelling. “What’s up guys!” Shaun enthusiastically says as he greets the crowd. “How’s it going?”

Shaun notices one chef from his past: Brandi Mudd, who came in second place to Shaun on season 7. Brandi, who is now competing to win the Fox cooking competition series on her second try, explains in a confessional how meaningful it is to have Shaun making a guest appearance on this season.

Shaun O'Neale
Shaun O’Neale and Gordon Ramsay on season 12 of ‘MasterChef’ (Photo: Fox)

“The last time I cooked in this kitchen with Shaun, he won and I didn’t,” the Kentucky native recalls. “I came in second place, but at the same time, I am so proud of him. He’s traveled the world, he’s written his own cookbook. He’s living proof at what winning ‘MasterChef’ can do for a person.”

MasterChef airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX