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Tom Hanks Angrily Confronts Aggressive Fan Who Trips Wife Rita Wilson: Watch

Tom Hanks lashed out at a group of rowdy fans when one of them bumped into Rita Wilson during a chaotic, paparazzi-filled scene in NYC.

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Tom Hanks
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Image Credit: ZapatA/MEGA

Tom Hanks, 65, stepped in to protect his wife Rita Wilson, 65 ,after the couple found themselves swarmed by fans in New York City. A video obtained by TMZ (as seen HERE) shows the famous duo on Wednesday night (June 15) leaving a restaurant and walking towards their car as fans surrounded them to take pictures on their phones. One fan bumped into Rita, 65, from behind and she tripped and almost fell to the floor. “Stop it!” Rita yelled, as Tom, who was walking slightly behind his wife, rushed towards her.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson in New York City on June 15 (Photo: ZapatA/MEGA)

The Forrest Gump actor got in between Rita and the crowd in a furious manner. He placed his hand on the chest of the fan who bumped into Rita and told him to “back the f*ck off.” Tom continued to stare at the fan in anger and yelled at him for “knocking over my wife.”

Rita got into the car as Tom defended her honor. Someone at the scene could be hearing saying, “disgusting,” though it’s unclear if they were speaking about the fans’ actions or Tom’s response. Eventually, Tom’s bodyguards and security team stepped in and escorted him towards the car that Rita was in. “Sorry about that, Tom,” one fan could be heard saying.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson in New York City on June 15 (Photo: ZapatA/MEGA)

Tom has been out and about promoting his new film Elvis. He plays Colonel Tom Parker, the former carnival worker-turned music manager, and promoter who helped discover Elvis Presley. Austin Butler stars in the titular role and he’s already received early Oscar buzz. Tom knows a little something about the Oscars as a two-time Best Actor winner from his performances in Forrest Gump and Philadelphia.