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Alt-Pop Singer Starless Shares The Story Behind The ‘Fluid, Dreamy Feel’ Of Her ‘No No No’ Visualizer

After sharing the lyrics to her new song, dark songstress Starless shares a visualizer for 'No No No,' one that creates a 'soft dreamscape' about 'all the things she isn't saying but wants to.'

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What are all the things you want to say but can’t? What if you finally give in to those urges and tell that person everything? Such questions linger after watching the new visualizer for “No No No,” the latest song from Starless. Premiering on HollywoodLife, the visualizer adds a new depth to Starless’ piece about being “tied up too tight” in those restraints of your own making. It is a story of passion, raging full of sound and fury, of what she wants, needs, and deserves.

“‘No No No’ is an intimate revealing of what’s in a girl’s head, heart, thinking of this guy she’s seeing,” Starless tells HollywoodLife. “It has a fluid dreamy feel. The soft, subtle electronic elements explore a tough decision that has to be made and the impossible back and forth tugging at her, what’s good for her versus what she wants. The ‘No No No’ visualizer is a soft dreamscape showing a girl with her eyes closed in the clouds, showing it’s all in her head, all of the things she isn’t saying but wants to. All of her unspoken feelings about this guy she’s into.”

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Starless’ voice may be familiar to certain listeners, as her alter-ego is none other than voice actor Brianna Knickerbocker. Renowned for her work in anime and video games, Brianna’s work can be heard in projects like Demon Slayer, Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Re:Zero. In 2015, she won the Staff Choice Award & People’s Choice Award for Breakthrough Voice Actress Of The Year at the fourth annual BTVA Anime Dub Awards. With that practice of conveying emotion through the power of her voice, Starless imbues each note and breath with strength and vulnerability.

Her sound has also found an audience, specifically on TikTok. Her account has amassed over 250k followers, with over 4.2 million total Likes.


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“No No No” continues Starless’ prolific period. She has filled your Spotify and her Bandcamp page full of music since arriving in 2019. “No No No” follows “Move,” Starless’s first song of 2022. The previous year, she released a constellation’s worth of tracks: “Stuck,” “Her,” “I Know,” “Again,” “Take Me Away,” “Light It Up,” “Used To Know,” “Say Something,” “Solo,” “Keep Me Guessing,” and a dark mix of “Deeper.” These songs became the guiding north stars to the next new thing in alluring, haunting alt-pop. Thus, fans of such will continue to say “yes, yes yes” as Starless continues her ascent to the top of the music universe.