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Ash Gordon’s Picks For ‘The Sound Of Pride’ Include A ‘Unabashedly Gay Summer Anthem’

After working alongside  drag superstar Trixie Mattel, guitar-slinging music superstar Ash Gordon names a few others you should know, as well as her picks for ‘The Sound Of Pride.’

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It’s Pride! Throughout June, HollywoodLife is running The Sound Of Pride, a month-long feature where members of the LGBTQ+ community pick songs that should be on your Pride 2022 playlist. Today, Ash Gordon, fresh off her debut as a solo artist with her new single — featuring drag performer extraordinaire Trixie Mattel – shares her selections for the playlist, along with a list of some unsung heroes that deserve your love this Pride Month.

“I’m actually undergoing the very crazy feat of presenting my musical to the world,” Ash tells HollywoodLife when asked about their Pride Plans. “It’s called DRAG: The Musical, and I co-created it with my friends Alaska Thunderf-ck and Tomas Costanza. We worked on it for six years [we put] it to stage June 11th at The Bourbon in Hollywood. So the first half of pride month is solely dedicated to that. The second half will be mostly spent with mysterious glitter in my hair that won’t come out while hungover in bed with my cats.”

Trixie Mattel and Ash Gordon

Ash’s song with Trixie – “Cosmic Colors” – marks her debut as a solo performer. As the founder of the mod-inspired collective The Blah Blah Blahs, ash has worked in music, film, and television for over a decade. Now, she’s letting her hair down and letting it all hang out – except when she’s nursing the aforementioned hangover. For your month of glitter and cats, here are Ash’s picks for The Sound Of Pride.

David Bowie, “Modern Love”

Ash Gordon: One of my favorite queer icons’ most perfect song. David Bowie paved the way for everyone on the gender spectrum to express themselves however they see fit – unapologetically and well. Nile Rodgers produced this song which is also makes my nerdy pop lovin’ heart sing. 10/10 all day for this being a pride bop.

Myylo, “I Can’t Help But Look”

I met Myylo at a pop-centric listening party and when he played this song it was unlike anything I had heard before. It’s an unabashedly gay summer anthem with and everyone in the room was into it (even though it was a mostly non-queer crowd). Great writing knows no bounds – ESPECIALLY at pride.

Ash Gordon feat. Trixie Mattel, “Cosmic Colors”

Not to toot my own horn, but this song SLAPS. On a personal level, it means so much to me because it’s my first release as a recording artist. I’ve been very much behind-the-scenes for my entire career. With all of the knowledge I’ve gained through writing and producing, I thought it was time to bring more queer music into the world with friends (like Trixie) who inspire me to be a better creative.

Ash is on the right.

HollywoodLife: A question we’re asking everyone is: What, in your opinion is, the overall vibe of PRIDE 2022?

Ash Gordon: First and foremost – WE’RE OUT!!  The community has missed pride through the past couple of pandemic-ridden years, so I imagine everyone will be making up for lost time (myself included). We’ve also faced a lot of political challenges, unfortunately, some big losses, and feeling a sense of community is a beautiful tool for healing. That’s the pride vibe.

Pride is also about celebrating the unsung heroes. Who would you like to see get some more mainstream recognition? 

BONAVEGA is an absolute treasure and more people should know about his 80’s-centric power pop musicChløë Black is a fellow pansexual kween and her songs will send you to another dimension. I just can’t get enough of Myylo!! Any time he releases a song, it’s stuck in my head for weeks.

Trixie Mattel deserves to be at the top of the Billboard charts. I’ve never collaborated with a more hard-working artist who knows EXACTLY how to execute the sound they want with killer visuals to boot. Jamila X is a queer artist from the Netherlands who gives me young Peaches vibes. Keep her on your radar for sure. Alaska Thunderf-ck is a dream come true as a collaborator, and her brain always surprises me in the writing room. I don’t know why her songs aren’t in rotation everywhere.