’90 Day Fiance’ Preview: Bilal Holds Back On Saying Shaeeda Is The ‘Right Person’ For Him

Bilal and Shaeeda may not be on the same page. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of '90 Day Fiance,' Shaeeda is convinced Bilal is the 'right person' for her, but he doesn't reciprocate those feelings immediately.

Bilal and Shaeeda have a date night out in Kansas City in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 29 episode of 90 Day Fiance, but things take an awkward turn. “Marriage is something I’ve wanted since I was 10 years old,” Bilal tells Shaeeda. Bilal wants to find the right person, but there’s something in the back of his mind that says maybe “marriage is not in my cards. Like, the person I’m meant to be with doesn’t exist.”

A lot of Bilal’s doubts stem from his previous divorce. “Going through divorce, I was left broken-hearted, just the feeling of not being wanted. Love feels like it’s been running from me, even though I was always trying to find it. But Shaeeda is an amazing person and feels like a dream.”

Bilal opens up to Shaeeda. (TLC)

Bilal feels blessed to have found Shaeeda but still fears things may not work out between them. Shaeeda brings up that when she met Bilal she said she didn’t want kids because she’d “given up” on everything. “But then, when you meet the right person, that could change completely,” Shaeeda reveals.

“I feel as if I’ve met the right person, and I know you are the right person for me 100 percent,” Shaeeda tells Bilal. He replies, “How about 110 percent?” She takes it up to that left. However, instead of echoing Shaeeda, Bilal just says, “That’s good to know.”

The look on Shaeeda’s face makes it clear that’s not what she wanted to hear. There’s an awkward silence between Bilal and Shaeeda after Shaeeda’s declaration. This is not what their relationship needed, that’s for sure.

90 Day Fiance
Shaeeda is not happy with Bilal’s response. (TLC)

Earlier in the season, Shaeeda began to doubt Bilal when he refused to take her to his home. He eventually brought her to his home, but the whole situation made Shaeeda feel like Bilal doesn’t trust her. “I trust him with my life, but this whole testing scenario feels like he don’t trust me, and I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who does not trust me,” Shaeeda said. 90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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