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‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’ Recap: June Leaves Geno After Missing Baby Bentley’s Birth

Mama June Shannon made a major life change during the season premiere of Mama June: Road To Redemption on May 13.

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A new season of Mama June: Road To Redemption kicked off on May 13, and with it came a lot of drama. To start, Mama June is steal dealing with some legal drama. Fortunately, it’s not her own, though. This time around, Geno Doak is the one waiting for his sentencing and June’s just along for the ride. But it’s a ride she doesn’t want to be on anymore.

Privately, June told daughter Pumpkin that she no longer wants to be with Geno. She claimed that he drinks a lot and doesn’t like when she talks to her daughters. She said he’s scared that she’ll leave him, so he keeps an eye on her. It’s when he’s past out drunk, however, that she takes opportunities to call Pumpkin. And during one phone call in particular, June asked Pumpkin to attend Geno’s next court hearing. She said she wanted to break up with him at the courthouse so police would be around for her safety and Pumpkin would be around to help her get back home. Pumpkin reluctantly agreed to go to the court hearing, but only if Doe Doe went with her.

Fortunately for Pumpkin, who recently bought a new house for her family, Doe Doe tagged along. And they both hoped that this would be the last time they’d ever have to drive to the Alabama courthouse. June also hoped that Geno would get sent to prison so it’d be easier to break up with him, but to her dismay, that didn’t happen. Geno’s sentencing got postponed, and thus, their breakup did, too. But Pumpkin and Doe Doe still thought June should’ve dumped Geno. They didn’t see the point in waiting, but June wasn’t able to muster up enough courage to say goodbye to Geno. So she went with him, while Pumpkin and Doe Doe headed home.

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A few days or weeks later, Pumpkin gave birth to baby Bentley. June missed the baby’s birth and retreated from production for three weeks. But when she later contacted producers, she asked them to meet her at an Alabama hotel, where she revealed she left Geno and went into hiding. She also said that she has a lot of stuff to reveal about their relationship, and she’s nervous about what people will think.

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