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‘The Quest’s Elliott Ross Teases Prince Cedric’s Evolution & The Show’s ‘Unique Concept’

'The Quest' is getting the revival treatment on Disney+, so HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Elliott Ross about bringing Prince Cedric to life and challenging the format of competition series.

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The Quest
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If you’re looking for a show that combines fantasy and competition, look no further than The Quest. The new series, based on the ABC series of the same name, premieres May 11 on Disney+. The Quest is an immersive, hybrid competition series that brings 8 real-life teenagers into the fictional world of Everealm, filled with fascinating characters and epic challenges.

Elliott Ross
Elliott Ross stars in ‘The Quest.’ (Photographer: Helen Murray)

Elliott Ross, who plays Prince Cedric in the world of Everealm, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about combining both scripted and unscripted elements into one series. “It’s a pretty unique concept, but one that I was really, really excited about because I think the improvisational elements really helped me get to know the character in quite an intense way,” he said. “I had to know how to respond at all times in a way that was aiding the story. I would say that the improv elements of the show actually really helped inform the performance of the scripted themes just because we were living in the world. It was a really cool experience.”

While the contestants are reacting in real-time, the characters in Everealm will be going on journeys of their own. Elliott teased that Prince Cedric undergoes “quite a big transformation I would say. His starting point is from a place of immaturity and aggression, and he’s very combative. He doesn’t view others as equals. He’s also grieving the loss of his father, and what that means for him. Basically, through a series of humbling failures throughout the series, he learns how to collaborate and there’s this wonderful moment. I think it’s clear as well when these things happen in the show. There are these great moments where you see him shaking off his old views and learning to embrace other people and ultimately, through learning how to collaborate, he becomes a man.”

Elliott has “always really wanted to be in a fantasy show” and got his wish with The Quest. “I think what I really want as an actor is to do new and exciting things that get people talking and that break rules and challenge the status quo. I definitely think this show challenges the format. It is a new style of television, which I just was really excited to be part of,” he continued.

Elliott Ross
Elliott Ross with his co-stars in ‘The Quest.’ (Disney+)

However, the actor stressed that the reactions of the real contestants are “all authentic. They’re real. There’s something so charming about that and something really engaging and also hilarious and heartwarming and emotional at times. It was really wonderful to watch.”

In addition to The Quest, Elliott is also set to star in the upcoming Steven Spielberg-produced series, Masters of the Air. Elliott only had two weeks between filming The Quest and Masters of the Air. “It couldn’t have been more different. It was a totally different show,” he told HollywoodLife. “It was an amazing show kind of on a scale that I’ve never experienced before, and it was very exciting to be on a Spielberg show.”

When he’s not acting, Elliott also works as a personal trainer. The British actor noted that he feels “being in good physical shape and things translate to all parts of your life. From a physical standpoint, I feel very capable of doing physical tasks. But I think from a mental standpoint, I feel quite energized. I think on a shoot like that where you’re trying to get your head around what these guys went through. I think as much as possible if you can push the boundaries in your own life and test your own limits, that’s like the closest thing we can get. It’s not even close to what they have to go through. I’m a huge advocate for fitness. I just think everyone should be doing it, and you see the results in all areas of your life.”