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Amanda Seyfried Admits She ‘Loves’ ‘The Dropout’ Memes & TikToks: ‘It’s Good For Me’

Amanda Seyfriend opened up about the viral memes of her as Elizabeth Holmes in 'The Dropout' & revealed why she 'really likes' them!

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Amanda Seyfried completely transformed into Elizabeth Holmes for Hulu’s The Dropout, and there are many memes and TikToks to prove it! The meme-able moments, which include Amanda as Holmes bopping to “How To Love,” have circulated social media and Amanda admitted she is loving it! “I love them!” she gushed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife at Variety’s Power of Women: NY event.

“Sometimes, I feel it’s a strange dynamic in Hollywood, because it’s a strange transformation when you go from ingénue young lead to mother, older lead. Sometimes, I feel really old because I’m seeing all of these young actors on all of these incredible shows that I’m just obsessed with and I’m like, ‘God, I’ve reached a new age!’ And it’s great because I get opportunities that are good and are actually way better, more interesting for me as a parent and all that, but sometimes I’m like, I feel so f**cking old!” Amanda laughed. “Then, I see memes and I’m like, ‘I think I really like this!’ This is good for me to be folded into the younger social media generation!”


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The actress, who was honored by Variety for her work with INARA (International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance), spoke openly about why she believes there is a thirst for stories about these egomaniac con-artists, like Elizabeth Holmes. “I think because they’re being caught. It’s important to show that they’re not getting away with it,” Amanda told HL. “There are a lot of people who were getting away with it, but a lot of people are held responsible and so, don’t even f**king try it. That’s one of my perspectives.”

She continued, “I think also people just really love a fall from grace. They love a downfall. They love an uprising, for sure, but we love a downfall more because they get in trouble, they’re held responsible and I think that we love that as a society. I think I love it!”

Amanda Seyfried speaks at Variety’s Power Of Women. (Jamie McCarthy)

The Mean Girls star took the stage at The Glasshouse in NYC on May 5th to address the crowd, after she was introduced and honored by her friend Sarah Silverman. “This evening, we are gathered to recognize the Power of Women, and I can think of few women more powerful in vision and spirit than my friend, CNN senior international correspondent and the founder of INARA, Arwa Damon, who is sitting right there with us tonight,” Amanda addressed the audience. “It is her passion, her dedication, her fearlessness that has inspired me and inspired so many people.”

She went on to tell a story about Mia, a Syrian girl whose mother fled their neighborhood during an attack and fell into the rubble, shattering Mia’s bones. “INARA has provided the surgeries and the physical therapy that will allow Mia to fully recover, and ease the heart of her mother, her extraordinary mother,” Amanda said.

Amanda Seyfried at Variety’s Power Of Women. (Jamie McCarthy)

“There’s no better moment, not just to celebrate the power of us women, but to use it,” Seyfried continued. “In these very desperate times where theocrats are diligently working to eradicate our most basic right, we need to be the unstoppable force that creates and sustains community and who make the future better than the present.”