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‘Ozark’ Ends: A Beloved Fan-Favorite Is Killed In Gripping Final Episode

'Ozark' came to an end when the final episodes were released on April 29. The series finale featured the shocking death of a beloved character. Spoilers ahead!

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Unfortunately, Ruth Langmore didn’t make it out of Ozark season 4. Julia Garner’s character was killed off in the series finale by Camila Elizonndro. However, Ruth didn’t go down without getting the last word in. Here’s how it all went down.

Julia Garner
Julia Garner’s ‘Ozark’ character Ruth was killed in the final episode. (Netflix)

Camila confronted Clare Shaw in front of Marty and Wendy about the death of her son, Javi. Clare confessed that Ruth killed Javi after he killed Wyatt. Camila’s next target was Ruth, but she made sure to threaten Marty and Wendy before she started her hunt. “If you warn her, if I even sense someone is following me, I’ll kill all of you,” Camila told the couple.

Ruth was driving home when she spotted a black van. She got out of her car and found the car empty. Camila showed herself to Ruth and had a gun in her hand. “Clare Shaw told me,” Camila said to Ruth.

“I’m not sorry,” Ruth replied. “Your son was a murdering b*tch. And now I know where he got it from.” Camila didn’t say another word. She just raised her gun and pointed it at Ruth. Ruth didn’t try to run. She accepted her fate.

“Well? Are you gonna f**king do this sh*t or what?” Ruth yelled. Suddenly, Camila pulled the trigger and hit Ruth right in the chest. Ruth died instantly, her blood staining her perfect white dress.

While Ruth died, the Byrdes survived the series after a close call when the whole family got into a car accident. The final moments of the series featured Wendy and Marty being confronted by Mel Sattem, a private investigator looking into Ben’s disappearance. Every Ozark fan knows that Ben is actually D-E-A-D.

Mel Sattem
Mel Sattem showed up in the show’s intense final moments. (Netflix)

He showed the couple a goat-shaped jar filled with Ben’s ashes and told them that he now has the evidence he needs to finally send them to prison. Wendy and Marty offered to pay Mel anything he wanted. All he had to do was name his price. Mel refused their money.

“You don’t get it, do you. You don’t get to win…” he told Wendy and Marty. “The world doesn’t work like that.” Wendy replied, “Since when?” After that, Jonah cocked a shotgun and pointed it right at Mel. Suddenly, the screen cut to black (a la The Sopranos), and all anyone heard was a simple gunshot.