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‘AMLT’s Allison Miller: Maggie & Gary’s Latest ‘Roadblock’ Will ‘Strengthen’ Their Relationship

Maggie and Gary's road to parenthood isn't going to be easy. Allison Miller spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about how this new 'bump in the road' will impact the couple.

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Maggie and Gary have decided to have a baby, but they discovered Gary has some fertility issues in the April 27 episode of A Million Little Things. The news wasn’t exactly what Gary and Marggie wanted to hear. HollywoodLife got some EXCLUSIVE scoop from Allison Miller, who also directed the episode, about Maggie and Gary’s next step in their journey to becoming parents.

“This is a bump in the road for these two,” Allison told HollywoodLife. “They keep running into roadblocks, but I think what we’ve seen in the last two seasons is their resilience and their ability to get past those blocks together. I think this is just going to be another opportunity to strengthen their relationship through the trials that they undergo.”

A Million Little Things
Maggie and Gary in the April 27 episode. (ABC)

Both Maggie and Gary had everything checked and Gary found out that he had a lower sperm count than normal. Male fertility problems are rarely explored in storylines on television. “That’s the thing they like to do with Gary is give him stories usually explored by women and flip it on its head, but it is so true. I have seen friends of mine go through it, and in my family, people have gone through it. I am the product of 6 years of trying to have a baby and eventually having one. It is common and I’m glad that we’re exploring that and making people see the truth of the matter,” Allison continued.

Since Maggie and Gary are trying to have a baby, could an engagement be on the way? “Call DJ Nash. I don’t know what he’s got planned. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll put it that way. I would not be surprised,” Allison admitted.

During the episode, Sophie continued to grapple with Peter’s shocking and sudden death. As she watched the praise for the man who abused her pour in, Sophie decided to take her power back and continue to stress the truth about Peter.

“I think Maggie is always going to have Sophie’s back,” Allison said about how Maggie will react. “She knows that she is a strong, autonomous person. She’s an adult now, and the choices that she makes have been really good. She maybe makes better choices in life than the rest of the adult cast. The kids are more mature than any of the adults. I go on record saying that. Maggie will always have Sophie back. I think that she wanted her to have a voice from the very beginning, and the fact that she’s taking it upon herself to speak her truth to everyone who’s willing to listen, Maggie will always be in support of that.”

Creator DJ Nash previously teased that season 4 will end with the “biggest cliffhanger of the series.” HollywoodLife asked Allison if she could weigh in on this major episode coming up. “We definitely have a huge cliffhanger,” Allison said. “Everyone will be very happy, and then everyone will be very sad. That is the most generic answer and also the only thing I can really say without giving anything away.”

Allison Miller
Allison Miller directing the April 27 episode. (ABC)

Allison made her A Million Little Things directorial debut with the April 27 episode. Allison revealed that when the show ran for longer than one season she began “campaigning to try to get an episode. And it happened this year. I couldn’t believe it, but I am so happy that it happened.” She added, “I’m proud of the whole episode, but I feel like it was such a group effort. I can’t really take credit for the things that I’m most proud of. I am so proud of the way that the crew rallied around me and the cast. It made me feel really supported. I think that speaks to my entire experience on the set, just sort of feeling like what I bring to the workplace is what is given back to me. I’m very proud of that. The most challenging aspect was really just fighting the clock. I made my days every day, but you don’t realize how little time you have until you’re on the other side of the camera. There’s so much time spent waiting around as an actor is time spent planning and navigating as a director.” A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays on ABC.