‘RHONJ’ Recap: Teresa & Margaret Face Off After Joe Gorga Questions Luis’ Past

Season 12 of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' came to a close on April 26 with very little resolution, which is probably why the reunion looks as wild as it does.

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Following Teresa Giudice‘s less than stellar apology to Margaret Josephs, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast participated in a bar bike crawl in Nashville during the April 26 episode. And since it was also the season finale, there was quite a bit of drama, but that’s almost always true when you’re watching RHONJ.

Anyway, Teresa arrived at the activity with the words “love love love” on her bra top, which is funny considering how she’s been treating Margaret. And due to their ongoing feud, they didn’t speak to each other. However, the group stopped for lunch at a place that serves super hot chicken, and while there, Teresa felt pressure by the group to make things right with Margaret. So she tried doing that, but Margaret didn’t want to have a conversation with Teresa in front of everyone. She asked if they could talk later, and while Teresa was initially hesitant to put off their chat, everyone told her to back off a bit, so she did. The group knew they’d be meeting in a more personal setting later that night, so they told Teresa to save the talk for then.

And Teresa wasn’t the only one who had a talk during the group’s final night in Nashville. Luis Ruelas actually pulled Joe Gorga aside to tell him that he wanted to propose to Teresa in Greece. He wanted Joe’s blessing, but before Joe could give that to him, he needed to know the truth about Luis’ past. So once he asked about it, Luis explained that after he got divorced at 35, he got into some “toxic” relationships with “thirsty” women. However, Joe told Luis that he can’t blame everything on his exes because it’s not just one or two women making these claims — it’s multiple. So Joe said some of it must be true, and Luis agreed that he probably wasn’t the best boyfriend to those women, but he’s now dedicated to being the best man for Teresa. And Joe was happy to hear that, so he said he’s choosing to leave Luis’ past in the past and give their eventual engagement his blessing.


Afterwards, Teresa asked Margaret if they could talk and Margaret said yes, so they went off to the side to have a private conversation. Teresa told Margaret that she liked the person she was when they first met, but she’s not too fond of the person she is today. Mainly because Margaret asks too many questions about Luis’ past and that aggravates Teresa. She said she wants to stay in her “love bubble”, and she likes the way Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania treat her. She said they’re “true friends” since they don’t ask about Luis and his exes. But when Margaret told Teresa that they said they lower their standards for Teresa, things started going awry. They both started yelling and Margaret told Teresa that she can’t look past all the things she’s done to her — from nearly flipping a table on her to ordering Danielle Staub to pull her hair to fat shaming her — and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to. So they ended up just wiping their hands clean of the conversation and separating.

But that wasn’t the last of the fight because everyone had witnessed what just happened and they wanted answers. Margaret told her co-stars what had happened, while Teresa told Luis and Melissa Gorga, but Luis didn’t want any part of the conversation. He became extremely frustrated, and said he had enough. He begged Teresa to leave the event and made a point to yell out that they now own a “50,000 square foot” house that they could escape to amid all the drama. Everyone was taken aback by the way Luis was acting, and Jackie Goldschneider suggested that his “true colors” might finally be showing. Margaret finished by telling the ladies that she was right about Siggy Flicker, she was right about Danielle Staub, and she’ll be right about Luis.

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