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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jade Cline & Sean Austin Reunite After 3 Months Apart

With relationship struggles, court dates and ER visits, the April 12 episode of 'Teen Mom 2' did not disappoint.

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The April 12 episode of Teen Mom 2 featured one heartwarming reunion, as Jade Cline visited on-again/off-again boyfriend Sean Austin for the very first time since he went away to rehab. After three months of being apart, Jade and their daughter, Kloie, were finally given the opportunity to see Sean in person, and while it was a joyous occasion, Jade and Sean were both pretty scared leading up to it.

According to Sean’s counselor, Sean was just nervous about seeing Jade in general. But Jade started feeling her own anxiety after the counselor tried making sure that she wouldn’t allow Sean to leave rehab if he asked to go home.  However, Jade made it clear that she never even kicked Sean out of their house — she said he went to rehab on his own — so there wouldn’t be an issue with him potentially trying to go home early. And all went well — Sean looked overjoyed upon their reunion. He gave Kloie a big hug and then Jade joined in. It was super sweet.

Meanwhile, Stella had a medical emergency that Briana DeJesus was forced to navigate without Luis. Apparently, Stella said her heart was beating fast and since she was born with holes in her heart, Briana thought it would be best to take her to the emergency room. There, doctors learned that Stella’s holes had closed, which is good, but they still want to monitor her heart for 30 days, so she’ll have to wear a monitor for an entire month. Luis didn’t go to the hospital or the follow-up doctor’s appointment with Briana because he “didn’t want to film”.

Later, Bar Smith‘s past threatened he and Ashley Jones‘ reconnection. He wasn’t sure if he’d have to go to prison or not, but after begging a judge to let him continue making his life better, he was given the opportunity to do community service instead.

Finally, Jaylan Mobley had a chance to move closer to Leah Messer, but it wasn’t what either of them hoped for. Sadly, he’ll still live two hours away from Leah. And Kailyn Lowry tried to teach her son, Lux, about commitment when he wanted to quit football after begging to sign up for the sport.

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