‘Selling The Hamptons’ Star J.B. Andreassi Reveals A Season 2 Renewal Is ‘Looking Good’

'Selling the Hamptons' is the latest real estate reality series taking TV by storm. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with J.B. Andreassi about season 2 hopes, expanding the series, and more.

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J.B. Andreassi
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Selling The Hamptons just wrapped up its very first season, and star J.B. Andreassi is already looking ahead to a possible second season. “All I can say is it’s looking good,” J.B. told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when asked about season 2 discussions.

Throughout the first season, Selling The Hamptons explored the high-end real estate market in ultra-exclusive Hamptons. While the Hamptons is a coveted market and one he has a “special connection” to, J.B. admitted that he would love to introduce viewers to other notable markets.

J.B. Andreassi
J.B. Andreassi of ‘Selling The Hamptons.’ (Discovery+)

“I’m down in South Florida working with clients about 15 to 20 times a year,” J.B. said. “Selling The Hamptons it’s all focused in the Hamptons but six months out of the year, we’re in other markets meeting with clients. We’re down in South Florida because a lot of our investors and people purchasing or selling homes are down there. And then a lot of them are in Aspen and Colorado. I think the big thing for us is being able to tie in a more macro strategy, which is really being strong in all those key luxury real estate markets and really being able to convey that one from a production standpoint but also just from an authentic standpoint and showing that we’re going all over the place to make sure our clients are happy. We’re still face-to-face with them, whether they’re in the Hamptons or not. I think tying in those other markets is going to be something we really lean more heavily into in season 2.”

J.B. also noted that he would love to explore his building business in a second season. “I have a development business that I’m a co-principal in, and it’s a family-run business,” J.B. explained. “For me, it’s really trying to take what my family’s done over the last 30 years and really modernize it and evolve it and really use some of the technological platforms that have been made more available for the 2022 buyer. I think a lot of my efforts recently have been into that. We do two to three new construction developments per year, so it’s a lot that goes into that from the permitting and the planning and working with the architects and the design and sourcing different materials to make sure that the project comes together. We’re going to be showing that off hopefully in season 2, the other half of my world.”

Selling The Hamptons
The cast of ‘Selling The Hamptons.’ (Discovery+)

Selling The Hamptons isn’t J.B.’s first go-round with a real estate reality show. J.B. was featured on Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House. “I was the rookie and sort of tiptoeing through figuring how I can make an impact and really learning and absorbing more so than actually transacting and doing big things for my clients,” J.B. said about his time on Million Dollar Beach House. “I think that Selling The Hamptons, it’s my third year of real estate and I was just much more comfortable being myself and making sure I was both myself from an entertaining standpoint but also protecting my clients and making sure their best interests were saved the right way through the production. It’s been really good, and the other thing is, people have to understand that in the first season we have a lot of new personalities on the show. I think it’s more so we needed to lay the foundation. I think we did that and then really being able to take off and grow from here, it’s going to be super fun.” The first season of Selling The Hamptons is available on Discovery+ now.