‘Before The 90 Days’ Preview: Gino Feels ‘Hopeless’ After Jasmine Goes Through His Emails

Gino is feeling betrayed after Jasmine went through his e-mails without his permission. In this EXCLUSIVE preview, the couple tries to talk through their issues.

Gino and Jasmine’s relationship has hit its breaking point. Their trust issues have come to a head, and they have to talk it out if they’re going to have any sort of a future. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 20 episode of Before the 90 Days, Gino is upset over Jasmine’s betrayal.

“I’m upset Jasmine looked through my emails ’cause she doesn’t trust me. That makes me feel hopeless,” Gino says. “Jasmine is continuously punishing me over and over for some mistakes I made, and that’s what making this so hard.”

Gino is upset over Jasmine going through his emails. (TLC)

Gino tells Jasmine that he can “understand” why she’s upset. He wants to try having a solid conversation with her. “I just feel like I’m being attacked over and over. It’s just getting on my nerves,” he admits.

Jasmine explains her side of things. “You have to understand you lied a few times and then now I’m like doubting everything you said. But still want to have faith on you, you know,” she says.

Jasmine remembers the times when they “wanted so badly” to be together. She breaks down in tears and wishes she could have those feelings again. “I meant all that I said,” Gino stresses. Jasmine replies,  “I don’t wanna just for this stupid person or situation just to give up on you.”

Gino has traveled to Panama to be with Jasmine. Gino was previously married for 7 years. He met Jasmine on an international dating site and fell in love with her. However, these two have faced many obstacles since Gino’s arrival in Panama.

Before the 90 days
Jasmine breaks down in tears while talking to Gino. (TLC)

Jasmine previously got upset with Gino over his lackluster Christmas gift. After receiving a power toothbrush and not being happy about it whatsoever, Jasmine demanded that Gino get her something else, specifically an island vacation. Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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