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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Hayes Leaves For Good & Teddy Discovers Owen’s Secret

Hayes said his goodbyes on the all-new 'Grey's Anatomy' after suddenly quitting following the accident. Plus, Jo made a decision about Link and Richard's methods were scrutinized.

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The March 3 episode picks up the morning after Jo and Link’s hookup. They are both not disappointed by what they experienced, but this whole friends with benefits thing is going to become inevitably complicated. After all, Jo is still very much in love with Link.

At the M&M meeting, Schmidt shows up looking worse for wear. He begins to explain what happened to his patient, but he panics and leaves the room before he can finish. Richard is interrogated about the Webber Method in the wake of what happened with Schmidt by Maggie and more.

James Pickens Jr
James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber. (ABC)

However, Katherine shows up to defend Richard and overrules Bailey. Maggie is hesitant about the Webber Method and doesn’t think anyone is being honest with Richard.

Hayes Bids Farewell

Teddy is still concerned about what happened in the car between Hayes and Owen. No matter how hard she tries, Hayes doesn’t budge. Meredith manages to catch Hayes while he’s still at the hospital. He hasn’t been answering Meredith’s calls. Hayes tells Meredith that he knew he couldn’t say goodbye to her because if he did he might not actually leave. He thanks her for giving him hope that there could be life after Abigail. “You made me feel less alone,” Hayes says.

In the wake of Hayes’ departure, Meredith enlists Nick to help out at the hospital. He fits right in. He should totally stay.

Teddy goes to Hayes one last time about Owen. Hayes tells Teddy that all Owen said was that he had to get out first. He’s indebted to Owen because of that. Teddy wants to know why Hayes is uprooting his entire life after what happened. What happened in that car, stays in that car. Hayes’ lips remain sealed.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC)

Maggie admits to Meredith that she’s worried about Richard. Maggie, Meredith, and Amelia come together to talk to him. They acknowledge that the Webber Method deserves to be scrutinized from every single angle. Meredith tells Richard that he is what’s exciting to the residents about practicing medicine. He’s a living legend. “They don’t need a method. They just need you,” she says.

Now that Hayes is gone, Teddy vents to Megan about Owen. Megan believes this whole situation sounds just like Owen. Megan thinks that Owen must believe that what he’s doing is the only option. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing it and going to such great lengths.

Jo Breaks Things Off With Link

While working together for the day, things get a little awkward between Amelia and Jo. Amelia picks up on it and calls Jo out. Jo talks to Carina about her casual sex predicament. Carina has simple advice: if you love him, you have to tell him. If not, stop having sex with him.

Amelia and Maggie meet Nick for the first time, and they are very impressed. Bailey tells Richard that the Webber Method needs to be suspended permanently. Richard accepts Bailey’s decision and apologizes for getting Katherine involved.

Just when Jo has gathered up the courage to tell Link that she loves him, she bails. She tells him that they shouldn’t have sex anymore. Link seems okay with it, but he looks a little disappointed. For Jo, things haven’t gotten any easier.

Caterine Scorsone
Caterine Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd. (ABC)

Teddy Finds Out What Owen’s Hiding

Nico stops by to see Schmidt, who says he’s not going back to work. Schmidt tells Nico to go away and not to come back. Schmidt also decides to break up with Nico right then and there.

When Teddy comes back to Owen’s room, she finds him talking quietly with one of the veteran’s wives. The wife quickly bolts. Teddy follows her and finds her getting the drugs out of Owen’s car. Teddy confronts the woman and asks what she’s doing. Just when Teddy’s life had begun to settle down, Owen’s secret is going to turn everything upside down.