Supermodel Eva Herzigova, 48, Makes Spectacular Return To The Milan Runway After Long Covid Recovery

Milan Fashion Week hosted a homecoming for one of the biggest fashion icons in the world. Eva Herzigova returned to the catwalk after a terrible bout with COVID-19.

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Eva Herzigova left jaws dropped when she walked in the Missoni show at Milan Fashion Week. Eva, 48, wore a long-sleeved Lurex maxi dress, red boots, and a look of confidence during the Friday (Feb. 25) event. The appearance came less than a day after she closed out the Blumarine show, walking in the final look of Thursday’s spectacular: a seductive, black velvet gown that showed off her fit stomach and toned legs. For Eva and fashion fans, this was more than a supermodel strutting her stuff: it marked a return that many thought wouldn’t be possible due to Eva contracting COVID-19 in December 2020.

Eva Herzigova on the catwalk for the Missoni show (Shutterstock)

“It has been quite an ending to an already challenging year,” Eva wrote in January 2021. She and her longtime partner — Gregorio Marsiaj – and their three sons (George, 14, Philipe, 10, and 8-year-old Edward) moved from London to Italy right before the COVID-19 lockdowns. However, at the end of the year, the five all came down with coronavirus. “We were in it all together, all five of us,” she wrote on Instagram .”Which made it easier having each other and hard at the same time keeping up with the boys, who have been almost asymptomatic on a contrary to us.”


Eva gave an update about her condition in February 2021. “I felt like my body can’t manage on its own to get rid off(sic) the lingering symptoms from Covid,” she wrote. “It’s been one month and a half since the encounter so I decided to get help and enter a professional spa program at Chenot Weggis. It’s been two days and I must say all the detoxifying treatments and vegan nourishment has been so helpful. This is my first time spa ever and I can feel the shift in my well-being already.”

“It was real; it was serious,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald in October 2021. “Thank god we all had it together, so I had support from my husband and kids. We could cuddle and stay in our pyjamas for a month. I had symptoms forever, like forever.” She said the Chenot Palace Weggis medical spa did wonders for her, but she still struggled when walking the red carpet at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. “What works is renewal of yourself,” she shared. “It’s very debilitating when you realize how much energy you actually need to speak. It’s hard when you just can’t manage. This virus has a far-reaching effect.”