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Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her In Expletive-Filled Video Full of Accusations

In a contender for 'Messiest Breakup Of The Year,' Matthew Rondeau went on Instagram to drop a lot of F-bombs – and some cheating allegations – while saying 'it's over' between him and Shanna Moakler.

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Matthew Rondeau didn’t so much as break up with Shanna Moakler on Thursday (Feb. 24) as he blew up their relationship with a ton of TNT. “So, it’s over,” Matthew, 29, said in a now-deleted Instagram video posted to Makler’s page. “I am never talking to this f-cking specimen of a f-cking human again,” he said in the video, per Page Six. The actor implied that Travis Barker‘s ex was “talking to” other people the “entire time” that she and him were together, before walking over to a neighbor’s house to hurl some major allegations.

While shouting at the house and into his phone, Matthew accused Shanna of spending the night with an unnamed neighbor, one who “has a f-cking wife” and “f-cking kids…and f-cking sleeps here. Sleeps HERE with this f-cking b-tch. She f-cking SLEEPS here, at his f-cking house.” From there, Matthew goes off and calls Shanna some pretty obscene things. “Quote me on it. You’re never going to see me with this f-cking —- again. I don’t give a f-ck.”


“I’ve never been so disrespected, or so f-cking humiliated in my entire life,” the enraged Rondeau says in the video. Matthew denied being drunk or high, and said that he was just “heartbroken.” Matthew continued his IG Live, accusing Shanna of being a “sociopath, narcissist, f-cking piece of sh-t.”

Happier times between Matthew and Shanna (MEGA)

Shanna and Matthew have been on and off since striking up their romance in 2020. Over the past two years, the couple has gone through the “break-up-and-make-up” song-and-dance a couple of times. “I broke up with Shanna months ago,” he told Entertainment Tonight in July 2021. “It is disappointing things couldn’t work out between us two, but sometimes love isn’t enough… making that decision to have us move on and go our separate ways was not easy, but I know it was the right decision. And overall, beneficial for the both of us.”

The couple rekindled their love in October 2021. “I admit…at the time.. things were very difficult, especially in our personal lives, which made things hard to focus on one another,” he told Page Six. “However, Shanna and I have truly found what we needed more of and what was missing just to focus on the fun in life with one another and not letting anyone or anything take that away from us.”