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‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’: Leah Worries She’ll Sabotage Her New Romance With Jaylan

All vacation, Leah has been dropping hints about her new man, and he finally arrived during the Feb. 22 episode of 'Teen Mom: Family Reunion'.

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The moms and dads split up for an afternoon during the Feb. 22 episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. The ladies enjoyed being pampered at a spa, while the men hit some balls on the fairway. And while discussing how to keep romance alive in their respective relationships, the moms noticed that Leah Messer was shutting down, so they tried to get her to open up more.

Leah admitted that she’s afraid to fall in love with anyone because she fears they’ll abandon her, so she often pushes men away. And it wasn’t until a chat with the life coach that she realized those feelings stem from past incidents with her dad and former lovers. She said she and her dad used to be so close, but he eventually drifted away and in turn, she never felt good enough for anyone. The life coach urged Leah to feel her feelings and heal from her past traumas. But will it be too late for her relationship with Jaylan Mobley?

After weeks of Leah dropping hints about Jaylan, he finally showed up just in time before the group trip ends. She seemed really ecstatic to see him, and her co-stars loved meeting him, too. But they also grilled him a bit because they don’t want to see Leah get hurt.

Then, when Leah and Jaylan had some alone time, she told him about the issues she discussed with the life coach, and how she wants to dive into their relationship without worrying about what bad things may happen. It was a big step for Leah, but before any of that can happen, Jaylan needs to move to West Virginia, where Leah lives. They don’t live in the same state currently, and it’s put a damper on their relationship. She doesn’t see them fully committing to each other until he moves, but he said he’s been having a hard time finding a job where she lives.

Later, Bar Smith wood Ashley Jones at the hot tub, but Ashley said Bar’s going to have to do a lot more than that to help their marriage.

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