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Zach Braff & Donald Faison Give Fans The ‘Scrubs’ Musical Reunion They Want In T-Mobile’s SB Ad

What would happen if J.D. and Turk moved to the suburbs and were neighbors? It would be kind of what happens with Zach Braff and Donald Faison team up for T-Mobile’s musical Super Bowl Ad.

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An unexpected Scrubs musical took place during Super Bowl LVI. Set to “I Feel Pretty,” Zach Braff starts off the T-Mobile ad frustrated with his Internet bill. “I feel defeated/feel mistreated / I’m so angry, I’m singing a song!” belts Zach as if he was on Broadway. From there, he vents his frustration, and his singing is heard by his neighbor, Donald Faison. “I’ve got T-Mobile internet!” he shouts before singing along. It seems that while Zach is left with poor download speeds and high bills, Donald has the opposite setup.

“Very happy!” he says. “Look how much money I’m saying now!” There is choreography, jubilation, and enough coordination that someone is already talking about these two getting a Tony (or an Emmy?) for this performance. In the end, Zach runs in to switch over to T-Mobile and switch. “Internet Without B.S.,” he sings in harmony with his former co-star (and best buddy.)

“I’m excited to see both Verizon and T-Mobile bring more visibility to this important and growing technology on such a big stage,” writes Dow Draper, Executive VP of Emerging Products, for T-Mobile. I’m also proud that T-Mobile continues to be unique in its customer-centric approach to home broadband, addressing industry pain points head-on. Our 5G Home Internet has no hidden fees, no exploding promotions, no “price locks,” and you don’t even have to be a wireless customer to get it. We’re making big, bold moves to change broadband for good and to connect millions of homes to reliable, fast, no BS internet.”

This isn’t T-Mobile’s only appearance during Super Bowl LVI. The Feb. 13 game will also see Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus release a PSA and charity single about 5G phones stuck on mediocre 5G networks. Dolly delivers a PSA that would make Sarah McLachlan envious before Miley asks what she can do to help. Using the wise idiom “What Would Dolly Do?” she puts together a song – “Do It For The Phones” – a full song that will get stuck in your head until the end of the Super Bowl (and beyond some.)