Willie Nelson Tells America To ‘Legalize Comfort’ & Get On The Road Again In Skechers’ Super Bowl Ads

Willie Nelson thinks it’s time that America makes some changes and makes it legal – comfortable shoes, that is – in one of Skechers hilarious ads for Super Bowl LVI.

Always trust Willie Nelson to stand for a cause he believes in. However, in one of Skechers’ Super Bowl LVI commercials, the American music icon is sitting as he speaks directly to the country. “I’ve found for the legalization of the one thing that could bring comfort to millions – Skechers,” he says. Cue a confused look on the face of the Kevin Costner-lookalike director, who seems a bit strange that Willie, wearing a LEGALIZE shirt, just said he was trying to decriminalize…Skechers shoes.

“Willie, I don’t think Skechers are illegal anywhere,” says the director. “But they feel so good, I just assumed The Man made them illegal,” says Willie. The Americana icon was shocked that the footwear wasn’t even “like, a little illegal,” like how they could be worn at a concert but not at a kids’ soccer game. Upon learning that Skechers are 100% legal, Willie did what came naturally: “pass the Skechers!”

In Skechers second entry into the 2022 Super Bowl commercial game, many Americans around the country join in a rendition of Willie’s “On The Road Again.” From running a 5k or running to work, Skechers help everyone get back on the road again. Considering it’s been years since the world stopped, and nobody was on the road, it’s a heartwarming message of encouragement and support from Skechers.

“I can’t resist making an appearance during the Super Bowl,” said Willie Nelson in a press release accompanying the Super Bowl spots. In April, the music icon continues his Willie Nelson & Family Tour, proving that he will get back on the road again – in comfort and style. “I’m doing this because of a message we can all agree on—everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable. From the bus to the stage to a jog around the ranch, staying healthy and feeling good is how I can keep doing what I love.”

“Willie Nelson is an American icon whose appeal knows no boundaries and a perfect fit for our new global campaign that begins at the Super Bowl,” adds Skechers’ president, Michael Greenberg. “He’s still on his feet doing what he loves best—entertaining the masses on tour and now helping share our comfort message along the way,” added Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers. “We know featuring Willie’s genuine personality, and well-known passions in a pair of commercials will make an impression for the millions watching the game. Fans will remember that only Skechers offers innovative comfort technologies that are almost beyond regulation.”

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