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Jim Carrey Reprises His Cult-Favorite ‘Cable Guy’ Role For Verizon’s Super Bowl LVI Commercial

The comedy veteran parodied his 1996 dark comedy film in the cable provider's Super Bowl ad to hilarious effect.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of verizon

As everyone knows, there’s no such thing as free cable! Jim Carrey reprised his role from the 1996 dark comedy The Cable Guy for Verizon’s Super Bowl ad on Sunday February 13. The comedy veteran hilariously pushed back on a customer who turned down his cable package, because she had Verizon 5G internet.

After she opened the tour, Jim’s cable guy seemed completely shocked that the customer didn’t want any of his services because of Verizon’s 5G. Like his character in the movie, his character overstepped his boundary and asked to see how she got her 5G internet, and he ogled over the box. After finding out that she didn’t have a credit contract or hidden fees, Jim hilariously asked the customer for all of the details. “Reception’s good, but I’ll come  back tomorrow and double check!” he said, as the customer tried to ensure him that wasn’t necessary. “I can’t hear you! I have my fingers in my ears.”

Of course, the ad shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who watched the teaser! Verizon teased fans of Jim Carrey‘s 1996 cult classic movie The Cable Guy ahead of Super Bowl LVI on Monday February 7. The 60-year-old comedic talent showed that he’d be taking on the role from the dark comedy classic in a teaser clip for the Super Bowl commercial a few days before the big game.

The teaser featured a mysterious knock at the door, and as the woman went to go look through the peephole and see who was coming to her apartment, she saw Jim’s mug through the peephole. He had a few wires over his shoulder and a collared shirt that you’d expect to see someone setting up your home with cable and internet wearing. He also announced, exactly who he was: “Cable Guy,” he called through the door. “Something big is almost here! Your internet will never be the same,” Verizon wrote in a tweet with the clip. It also used the hashtag 5G Ultra Wideband, which is probably what the company is advertising.

For those who may not remember, Jim played Ernie “Chip” Douglas, the eponymous Cable Guy of the 1996 movie. Chip is a cable provider who gets a little too attached to his customers, and starts to terrorize one of them (played by Matthew Broderick) by stalking him. While the cable guy may not be as well-known as some of Jim’s other roles, the movie features an all-star cast of comedic talent including Bob Odenkirk, Jack Black, Leslie Mann, and Ben Stillerwho also directed the movie.

Jim Carrey teased that his ‘Cable Guy’ would return for Super Bowl LVI. (Courtesy of Verizon)

Perhaps the new commercial can inspire a whole new generation to go back and watch the cult favorite flick for the first time! Jim has definitely been more exposed to a new audience in recent years. He was heavily featured on The Weeknd’much anticipated 2022 album Dawn FM, where the comedian voiced a slick radio DJ. Jim also briefly joined the Saturday Night Live cast in the 2020 lead up to the election, where he played President Joe Biden, before he got elected.