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‘Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Goes For Broke – Literally – In Greenlight’s Super Bowl LVI Commercial

The Emmy-winning actor makes a series of outrageous buying decisions -- like purchasing a pegasus -- for the financial tech company's Super Bowl ad.

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Ty Burrell is definitely not the guy you want to take money advice from, according to his new Super Bowl LVI ad. The Modern Family alum makes a series of awful and outrageous purchasing decisions to highlight the importance of financial literacy in his commercial for Greenlight. The financial tech company is aiming to promote their app for families teaching their kids how to earn, save, spend and invest money wisely.

Ty Burrell
Ty Burrell goes on a wacky shopping spree for his Greenlight Super Bowl ad. (Courtesy of Greenlight)

In the spot titled “I’ll Take It,” Ty hilariously buys everything from a hot air balloon with his face on it to a jetpack to a pegasus. By the end of his wacky shopping spree, Ty suddenly freezes and says into his phone, “What do you mean I’m broke?” A father sitting with his kids nearby exclaims, “And that’s why mom and I use Greenlight to teach you about money.”

“It’s great when comedy can help draw attention to something as important as financial literacy,” said Ty in a statement. “I love Greenlight’s mission to help parents teach their kids about money and make it easier for families to learn together.”

In addition to the Super Bowl commercial, Ty will star in three additional videos. Greenlight is also partnering with Ty to launch a “TikTok challenge” to encourage the community to discuss finances openly with their family members. “Designed to be fun yet educational, the digital and social campaign extensions will launch in the days following the Big Game to continue reaching many more families,” the company said in a statement.

“As a family-focused company, we have always looked for opportunities to shine a light on the world of money for parents and kids alike,” said Rachel Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer of Greenlight. “The February 13th game, one of the biggest family events of the year, is the perfect stage to raise awareness of how Greenlight can help parents teach their kids about money. With comedic genius Ty Burrell and our creative partners, we were able to bring to life the importance of financial literacy in a humorous, entertaining way that makes the topic approachable for families.”