Mike Myers, Seth Green, Rob Lowe & Mindy Sterling Have An ‘Austin Powers’ Reunion In GM’s SB Ad

'Evil is back' in the General Motors Super Bowl ad. Dr. Evil, Number Two, and more 'Austin Powers' characters are featured in the automotive maker's Super Bowl LVI commercial.

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Is it too soon for an Austin Powers reboot? Or, at least, another sequel? Twenty years after Mike Myers, Seth Green, Mindy Sterling, and Rob Lowe appeared in Austin Powers in Goldmember, the four reunited and reprised their roles for General Motors’ commercial for Super Bowl LVI. “Ladies and gentlemen, our takeover of General Motors is complete,” says Mike as Dr. Evil. Lowe, as Number Two, says that GM’s Ultium Platform will now be able to power their whole platform. Enter Scott – aka Seth Green – to say that the switch to electric – will reduce tailpipe emissions.

“I’m sorry, am I no longer Dr. Evil? I’m Dr. Good now? I didn’t get the memo,” says Dr. Evil. After Scott Evil tells his father that climate change is arguably the biggest threat to the world, Number Two tells his boss that Dr. Evil is the second biggest threat to global security. “I refuse to be number two, Number Two.” It takes Scott’s pleading, the reveal of Dr. Evil’s grandson (“I will name him ‘Baby Me!'” “No, his name is Kyle!”), and a swift swipe from Mindy’s Frau Farbissina to get Dr. Evil to change his mind. “I will help save the world first, then take over the world.”) After a bit of En Vogue, the group runs into one of GM’s all-electric vehicles – except Scott and “Baby Me.”

The spot features GM’s EVs — including the GMC HUMMER EV SUV and Pickup, Cadillac LYRIQ, Chevy Silverado EV, and the BrightDrop EV600 — as well as Cadillac’s autonomous Halo Concept Portfolio, per the GM website. The ad also says that GM plans to release 30 EVs globally by 2025.

(Courtesy of GM)

Ahead of the ad’s reveal, GM let fans know that the 2022 Super Bowl would get a lot more evil. One of GM’s teasers showed Myers reprising his iconic role as Dr. Evil. “His name is legendary. His plans are diabolical. He rules not with an iron fist, but an iron pinkie,” the teaser says. The infamous villain then turns his chair around and does his signature pinky gesture while laughing. The clip ends with the words, “Evil is back for good,” before an image of GM’s logo pops up.

Dr. Evil
Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in General Motors’ 2022 Super Bowl commercial (Photo: Courtesy of General Motors)

Dr. Evil wasn’t the only Austin Powers character appearing in GM’s Super Bowl ad teasers. Rob Lowe’s Number Two, Mindy Sterling’s Frau Farbissna, and Seth Green’s Scott Evil each appear in their own previews. General Motors talks up each character before showing a brief clip of them doing a signature phrase or action from the film, just like Dr. Evil did. Number Two lets out an evil laugh (while wearing his eye patch, of course); Frau belts out her unforgettable scream and uses her whip on Dr. Evil; and Scott emotionally yells, “I am an adult,” seemingly at his evil father.

Rob, 57, shared Number Two’s clip on his personal Instagram page. “Like what you see? Sunday, February 13, evil is back for good,” the actor wrote.

The Austin Powers clips will surely get fans’ attention on General Motors during its million-dollar Super Bowl commercial. The automotive manufacturing company — which runs with the tagline “Everybody In” — is expected to be promoting its electric vehicles. And no one does a better job at getting their point across than Dr. Evil — right?” Whether or not this results in an Austin Powers franchise revival remains to be seen. Or, maybe GM could do more Austin themed-spots, possibly with Austin himself, who is also played by Mike in the beloved film series. Let’s hope we also see Fat Bastard, Goldmember, and even Beyonce’s Foxxy Cleopatra!