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Cody Rhodes Reveals Why The New Season Of ‘Go-Big Show’ Will Be ‘The Most Dangerous Show’

Judge Cody Rhodes talked EXCLUSIVELY with HL about what viewers can expect in the upcoming season of the 'Go-Big Show' and admits the 'risk' and 'stunt work' will be unlike any other.

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Cody Rhodes, 36, is enjoying the second season of the Go-Big Show, which he’s judged since 2021, and gave us a peek into what we can expect as the season continues. The AEW Star is a fellow judge with fellow stars Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles, and T-Pain in what is an impressive talent show that promises and delivers that it will be “the most dangerous show on television” by the new season’s end.

“I think coming out of that first season, you know that learning curve, anytime you have a season one but also the fact that the show now has an identity, this global penetration, you are able to cast a wider net in terms of getting your contestants and getting your acts,” Cody EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife about his take on the show. “We had really big fans of Go-Big Show season one who are now contestants on season two, and how we talked to contestants in season one, they used that in the way they would apply their skills and perhaps layer their acts.”

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes is a judge on the ‘Go-Big Show.’ (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

“I will say, I say it a bazillion times while watching, this season, the risk, the stunt work – spoiler there us a bunch of fire,” he continued. “This season really went for it in terms of danger and thankfully we have a crack team in terms of safety protocols that are second to none. But my gosh, it is the most dangerous show on television and I was lucky and maybe a little unqualified to judge it. But it was fun.”

Cody also opened up about his opinions on the dangerous acts we have and will see this season. “When they are a really dangerous act, often in somewhat of the preamble or whatever the forward of their act is, you have an indication of what you are looking at right in front of you. Go-Big Show is really good about not seeing what is set up or if we walked out there, we might not know,” he explained about the process of filming the show. “But it is really a thing where I am actually squeamish, so when it is really dangerous, it is very car crash-esque in the sense that you can’t look away. You don’t want to look, but you can’t look away. And it definitely leans into the fact that we had some of the most talented, just a great dichotomy of acts.”

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes is also a professional wrestler. (TBS YouTube)

“I will give you a prime example, the Dare Daughter, is a long time legacy in the circus world. What she is doing is some of the most amazing feats of cirque work I have seen to date,” he went on. “And that type of thing makes for a very fun and compelling show and I know that it is going to look so great on television, it looked so beautiful in front of my face.”

The second season of Go-Big Show premiered on Jan. 6 and is definitely proving to be leaving quite the impact. The series includes all kinds of interesting and wild acts that are involved in various radical feats like alligator trainers, monster trucks, stunt archery and more. When it comes to whether or not Cody thinks he or any other All Elite Wrestling talent have hidden skills that would be good for the show, he admits he feels like he could maybe be involved in some kettlebells juggling.

“I thought I had somewhat of a hidden talent last year seeing the strongman juggle kettlebells and I got going a little bit of kettlebells juggling and I have a video or two of it, but however it was not the weights he was using, nor was it the amount,” Cody said. “So I thought that might be my thing if I had to pull it out right now. Maybe that would be my skill but I don’ think I would make it past the preliminaries…. I think I would get a pretty low score.”

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