‘Fast Foodies’ Trio Tease Season 2 & Reveal Why Fast Food Dishes Can Be ‘Difficult’ To Recreate

The heat is on for the 'Fast Foodies' crew in season 2. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the chefs about season 2 changes, what fast food dishes prove to be the most 'difficult,' and more.

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Image Credit: Anna Maria Lopez/truTV

Fast Foodies became a tasty hit when it premiered in 2021, and now the show is back for season 2 starting January 27. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from the three hosts, Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland and Top Chef winners Kristen Kish and Jeremy Ford, about what to expect in the kitchen this season as the race for the Chompionship Trophy intensifies.

“The format of the show is very much the same,” Justin promised. “It’s us three mixing and recreating our celebrity dishes. I think things you’ll see different from us, I think we all are able to showcase a little higher level of food. I think you’re just going to see a lot cooler food from all of us, and I think you were going to see just our natural interactions. In season 1, we had just come together as a trio. After getting through that and continuing our friendship, I just think our natural chemistry and interactions just play really well. We have a lot of fun together, and we’re making some really good food.

Kristen Kish
Kristen Kish with Nikki Glaser. (Anna Maria Lopez/truTV)

Kristen added, “We’re all more comfortable. We also know how the show works. So I think in the inner workings we know exactly what we need to do. We film for 10 to 12 hours a day, so you’re kind of like, okay, what’s going to get cut down into 24 minutes of television? We’re slightly more aware and experienced, and I think having that knowledge also helps us guide the show along a little bit.”

Last season, the chefs were able to recreate dishes from fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and more. Justin admitted that he was excited to tackle Chipotle dishes in season 2 “because that was my first cooking job ever, so I was looking forward to showcasing my burrito rolling skills.”

While our favorite fast-food dishes are delivered to us fast, it’s a lot harder than you think to recreate those dishes. “I think the more processed the food, the more difficult,” Justin admitted. “I think when we’re doing sandwiches or things that aren’t as heavily processed are just a little bit easier, but trying to recreate and copy some of those very distinct lab-created flavors can be very difficult.”

Justin Sutherland
Justin Sutherland on ‘Fast Foodies.’ (Anna Maria Lopez/truTV)

Jeremy noted that making fast-food pizza dough is pretty tough. “Pizza dough is a hard one, for me at least,” he told HollywoodLife. “Just because of the timing that you have to take to get it done, the proofing, and all that stuff definitely makes it more complicated when you have to do a dough. We did one this season where I think was it Justin or Chris that actually made bread? I think it’s hilarious because for us to even try to pull that off, and his was actually really good is crazy to me. So I think when you start bringing in doughs and breads, that’s when things get a little crazy.

The losing chefs in each episode have to face nasty punishments. Kristen teased that episode 2’s punishment is “repulsively disgusting but highly entertaining.” Justin added that Fast Foodies got “really creative this year” when it comes to the punishments. Fast Foodies season 2 will air Thursdays at 10 p.m. on truTV. 

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