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Dolly Parton Praises Taylor Swift Amid Damon Albarn Feud: ‘You Have To Stand Up For Yourself’

Dolly Parton tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY why she thought Taylor Swift was ‘magnificent’ for standing her ground against Damon Albarn’s shady claims.

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As a country music legend and a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Dolly Parton knows how to put together a tune. Dolly also knows that, sometimes, you need to make sure you get the respect you deserve — just like how Taylor Swift went after Damon Albarn when he said “she doesn’t write” her own songs. “I don’t care what other people say about my songs,” Dolly tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while discussing the new Dolly Parton Baking Collection with Duncan Hines. “But with Taylor, she’s a great writer — with or without anybody.”

Dolly also waved off Damon’s claims that “co-writing doesn’t count” in songcraft. “It’s not true,” she insisted. “When you co-write a song, you work just as hard. Sometimes you work harder with a co-writer because you want to be sure to do your part.” Though Dolly says she doesn’t write a lot with other people because her writing is deeply personal to her — “Rather than thinking about what I’m going to put on a record, I just write whatever is coming out right now” — she respects those who do create with others. “There’s a lot to be said about co-writing,” says Dolly.

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“I don’t like to judge other people and their problems,” she adds, “but when all that stuff that happens, like with Britney Spears — when they get [wrapped up in] controversy like that, you have to kind of stand up for yourself.”

“I really get rubbed wrong sometimes when people mistreat the artist. I don’t like that,” says Dolly. When Taylor’s fearlessness in calling out her haters is brought up, Dolly says she “completely get(s) that, and she’s magnificent.”

“I think she’s done great,” Dolly says of Taylor. “And that’s one of the things I admire about her because she’s never sold herself. She’s never felt like she’s had to sell her body. She’s always had good taste in how she’s presented herself and with her songs. And she’s very creative and very, very, very smart in the marketing of her life. She knows who she is and what she wants. And I’m the same way. I’m going to fight if it goes against what I feel is not right for me.”

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Doing what you know is right has been one of Dolly’s guiding stars throughout her career. It is also why she doesn’t put her seal of approval on any old project or product. “As enough years go by, [you build up] your name and your reputation,” she tells HollywoodLife. “People know that if you’re selling something, it’s going to be a good product.” It’s why fans can get excited for the new line of Dolly Parton’s Southern Favorites from Duncan Hines.

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“What’s great about Duncan Hines,” she tells HL, “is that even if you’re not a great cook and never did it before, you can just read on the back of the packet and follow directions and make all these wonderful cakes. But I’ve always liked Duncan Hines. I’ve always thought that was a wonderful company, and I love their products. So getting the chance to do this Southern line of baking is good.”

Dolly Parton x Duncan Hines’ Southern Style Cakes and Frostings will be available in the baking section of grocery stores, and mass retailers come March 2022. Starting January 26, a limited edition Dolly Parton x Duncan Hines Baking Collection – featuring a collectible tea towel, spatula, and letter from Dolly, will be available on while supplies last.