‘Outlander’ Season 6 Trailer: Claire Yells At Jamie Over Giving Up The Life She Had For Him — Watch

Claire and Jamie's relationship will be tested once again as the stakes continue to get higher in the new season of 'Outlander.' Watch the season 6 trailer now.

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The challenges ahead for Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger, and more are going to be no easy feat in Outlander season 6. The Revolutionary War is on the horizon, and only a select few know what’s coming. The full-length season 6 trailer was released on January 19, revealing new footage and teasing the drama ahead.

“I don’t belong here,” Claire screams at Jamie in the trailer. “Brianna, Roger, they don’t belong here. But yet here we are, all of us because I loved you more than the life that I had.”

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in ‘Outlander’ season 6. (STARZ)

Jamie finds himself torn between what side he should be on. “You can’t live your life being afraid of who you are,” Claire says to him. That’s easier said than done in this scenario.

The trailer ends — after some sneak peeks of new steamy scenes — with Claire telling Jamie, “And this I promise you won’t come between us.” It appears this conversation takes place before their big blowout.

Ahead of the season 6 premiere, Caitriona Balfe teased a “heartbreaking” storyline for Claire that involves a new character named Malva Christie, the daughter of Jamie’s old nemesis Tom Christie. “Claire and Malva build a great relationship and bond,” Caitriona told EW. “It’s very destabilizing for Claire. It’s a really heartbreaking, but a really twisted narrative that they all get embroiled in.”

Outlander season 6 will pick up after the traumatizing events that took place at the end of season 5. The last time we saw Claire and Jamie, Claire had just escaped a violent encounter with Lionel Brown and returned to Fraser’s Ridge. The threat of the Revolutionary War looms over the ridge and Claire and Jamie must choose what is best for their family.

Richard Rankin Sophie Skelton
Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton in ‘Outlander’ season 6. (STARZ)

Outlander also stars Sam Heughan, Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, Lauren Lyle, César Domboy, John Bell, Caitlin O’Ryan, and Paul Gorman. The STARZ show will return with an extended episode on March 6, 2022. The series has already been renewed for season 7.