How To Transition Dull Blonde Streaks Into A Warm Red Hair Makeover This Winter

Winter is officially in full swing & if you have dry, dull blonde hair that you want to transform into a rich red hue, look no further because we have all the steps to achieve the hair makeover this winter.

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Image Credit: Leilah Fuller

Now that the cold months are here, it’s time to rethink your entire hairstyle. Winter is all about warm tones and what better color to transition to than red? We went to Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, where expert stylist, Jerome Lordet, and expert colorist, Joanna Pinto, helped Leilah turn her dull blonde streaks into a vibrant red. Luckily, both hairstylists explained exactly how to achieve the gorgeous hairstyle for winter.

hair makeover
When Leilah first walked into Pierre Michel Salon in NYC, she had dull, streaky blonde hair.
hair makeover
Leilah decided it was time for a change & wanted to ditch her blonde hair for a darker, warmer color.

To achieve Leilah’s color, Joanna shared that she discussed with Leilah during their consultation that it was time for a change and to give her blonde hair a rest. “We decided to highlight her natural base color with warm chestnut highlights. Chestnut is a rich dimensional shade of reddish-brown,” she said. Joanna also used warm chestnut tones to add dimension. Describing chestnut tones, Joanna revealed, “These are red tones which are very flattering on olive complexions. Chestnut highlights are warm-toned and bring out the warm tones in her skin. Instantaneously, the pink in her skin can be seen.”

hair makeover
Hair colorist, Joanna Pinto, dyed Leilah’s hair a warm chestnut shade with hints of red.
hair makeover
Joanna then added some chestnut highlights & tones to give Leilah’s hair some dimension.

As for how Joanna applied the color, she said, “I achieved this look by highlighting her natural with a chunky defined weave. We didn’t want the highlight to get lost in her hair and since her hair is fine in texture, chunky was the way to go. We did a full head but nicely spaced out so we wouldn’t overdo it either.”

Joanna revealed that she recommends Leilah’s color for winter because, “In the winter, tans fade therefore to compensate for the lack of glow in your skin, you can accentuate and bring natural warmth by warming up your hair. Not everyone has to go chestnut. A blonde can add golden warm buttery tones or even strawberry blonde into their hair. Brunettes have the option of caramel, cinnamon tones, coppery tones, or chestnut tones.”

hair makeover
Once her hair was dyed, she moved on to stylist, Jerome Lordet, who gave Leilah a haircut that was one-two inches shorter with her front pieces shorter to frame her face.
hair makeover
Jerome then styled Leilah’s hair into a wavy updo which is a perfect hairstyle for any winter parties you have this year.

Once Leilah’s hair was dyed a luscious red, it was time to move on to her haircut and style. Jerome explained how he cut her hair, saying, “I brought up the length to about one or two inches shorter and added some long layers and face-framing pieces to give movement and bounce. I also did long curtain bangs to create sexiness around the face.”

Jerome styled Leilah’s hair two different ways – one was a blowout and the second was a gorgeous updo. To achieve the updo style, Jerome explained, “I added a volumizer product to give more body, then, I used a 1-inch curling iron to give nice waves and curls. After that, I put the hair up into a loose bun leaving some pieces down around their face to create a softer look.”

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