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‘Yellowstone’ Finale Recap: Jamie Kills [Spoiler] & Beth Marries Rip In A Surprise Wedding

'Yellowstone' season 4 ended with a number of jaw-dropping moments in the season finale. Jamie committed murder (again) after an ultimatum, Beth and Rip finally said 'I do,' and Kayce found himself at a crossroads.

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The Yellowstone finale begins with Rip waking up to Beth packing her clothes. She says she’s going to Livingston for a few days while she figures out what to do next. “He doesn’t want me here,” Beth tells Rip, referring to what John said at the end of their fight. She doesn’t feel wanted in this house by her father.

Rip tells her that she’s wanted here. He wants her here. He wants her to stay. Above all else, it’s him and her. “You break your promise to me and it stays broken,” Rip says to Beth.

Cole Hauser
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler. (Paramount Network)

Beth Apologizes To John

Beth goes to John’s room and apologizes for what happened with Summer. “Your ranch, your rules. I fight how you say fight,” Beth says before adding, “I’d like to stay.” John assures her that this is her home. “You don’t need my permission to live here,” John admits. But Beth needs that permission from him, though. “Beth, I love you, okay? That never changes,” John says.

Beth shows up at the bunkhouse the next morning, and Carter calls her “momma.” That stops Beth in her tracks. She asks him why he called her that. He thinks that because he doesn’t have one anymore, she could be it. Beth stresses that she’s just a friend to him. Like her, he lost his mother. He doesn’t get another one. “I’m nobody’s mother, ever. You got it?” Beth says, which makes Carter cry.

Beth asks Walker to explain prison to her and asks about conjugal visits. She also asks about getting a weapon in. A concerned Rip is watching from a distance. After Beth leaves, Rip asks Walker what they were talking about. Walker thinks Beth wants to kill somebody in prison. Rip goes after her and asks her what’s up. “My last act before the kinder, gentler me appears,” Beth tells Rip. He’s willing to help her with whatever she needs. “This one is just for me,” she says.

Kayce is still in the midst of the ritual to find out his purpose in life. Kayce wakes up at one point and Lee Dutton appears, “You’re not doing what he asked,” Lee tells Kayce. He says he wants to help Kayce, but Kayce quickly realizes that’s not the case. In another vision, Kayce winds up kissing Avery.

Jimmy Returns To Yellowstone

Jimmy returns to Yellowstone and comes back to the bunkhouse. He brings Emily along with him. He tells Jimmy everyone, including Mia, that Emily is his fiancee. Mia gets up and punches Jimmy right in the face, and Emily doesn’t hesitate to go after Mia. They get into a nasty fight. Emily fits right in with the guys as Jimmy brings Mia outside. Mia calls Jimmy out for not fighting for their relationship. He explains to Mia that he met Emily and fell in love with her. Emily chose to come with him, something that never came up with Jimmy had to leave.

Mia asks Jimmy to choose between her and Emily. He doesn’t say anything. A devastated Mia asks Laramie to take her home. John comes up to him right after this love triangle showdown and tells Jimmy to show him the horse.

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner as John Dutton. (Paramount Network)

Jimmy promises John that he’s going to work off what he owes and then he’ll figure out what’s next. Jimmy knows he broke his word to John once and almost did it again, but he’s going to pay his debt. John agrees that Texas was really good for Jimmy. “You don’t owe me a thing,” John says to Jimmy. No matter what, John tells Jimmy that he will always have a place here. Later, Jimmy shows off to the gang what he’s learned in Texas.

While talking to Lloyd, Jimmy admits that he knows exactly who he is now. Lloyd realizes that Jimmy’s not sticking around in Montana. He’s going back to Texas.

Beth & Rip Get Married

Beth comes face-to-face with a furious Caroline when she shows up to work. Caroline spits at Beth that she’s violated her contract and her NDA. She says that Beth has committed “corporate espionage.” After all that’s gone down, Beth has now made this fight personal for Caroline. “I am going to rape your f**king ranch to death,” Caroline seethes. She also says Beth is going to prison before firing her. Beth walks out and doesn’t say a word.

John goes to the judge about Summer, and the judge promises to take John vouching for Summer into consideration. But there’s no denying that Summer is going to prison. John shows up at Summer’s hearing and says he talked to the judge. She is aware of the plea offer and will change her plea to guilty. The judge goes on a shocking rant and tells Summer she won’t be eligible for parole for another 14 years. Summer is stunned. John tells her that this is a long fight, and it starts now. John confronts the judge in his chambers. The judge says it was a “necessary message” to send to people like Summer, but John thinks what he did was cruel. John, having the power that he does, gets the judge to meet him halfway.

Meanwhile, Beth heads to prison for a “conjugal visit” with Riggins. Riggins brings up that the hit on the Duttons was just business, which is exactly what he told the other guy, referring to Jamie. Beth returns home and brings everyone outside. She tells John that there’s something she has to do tomorrow, and she wants to be a married woman when’s he does it. She doesn’t care about the wedding. Just the marriage to Rip. She quickly tells Rip that they’re getting married — today. He’ll do whatever she wants. Whatever makes her happy makes him happy.

Rip goes to get Lloyd in the bunkhouse so he can be the best man. Carter is there as well, along with John. She’s still in that risque gold dress she wore to see Riggins. John walks her down the aisle. “I hope you’ll let me do this again for you,” John says to Beth. Rip and Beth get married, and the wedding is so perfectly them. Rip comes up with his own vows and sweetly wipes a tear from Beth’s face.

Beth doesn’t waste any more time. She just kisses Rip. She doesn’t think they’re going to do rings, but Rip still has his mother’s ring. He puts the beloved ring on Beth’s finger. It’s perfect. “It’s yours and so am I,” Rip tells Beth.

Beth Gives Jamie An Ultimatum

Kayce wakes up and sees the wolf.  He asks what it wants from him. Kayce begins to have flashbacks of his time in the war. There’s a massive explosion and a brutal shootout. When Kayce awakens again, there’s a woman in white. He doesn’t recognize her. He follows the wolf, which eventually disappears. He hears the woman’s voice. There are two paths in front of him and now he has to make a decision.

Wes Bentley
Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton. (Paramount Network)

Jamie comes to work and has a visitor. It’s Beth. She tells him that she’s married now. While trying to get to his computer, she hits him and pulls a gun out. “I am prepared. I will ruin my life today, and I swear to god I’ll f**king kill you,” Beth says. She shows Jamie that she visited Riggins. Jamie brings up that he had “no idea” that his father had anything to do with the attacks.

Beth thinks what Garrett did is what Jamie ultimately wanted. That’s why he didn’t kill Garrett. She gives him two options, both of which end with Jamie dead. She doesn’t tell him what option she picked. She’s walking out the door, and Jamie gets down on his knees and begs her to not go. She offers up a third option.

Back at the house, Monica comes to sit by Kayce. “What did you see?” she says. Kayce replies, “I saw the end of us.”

The gang bids Jimmy farewell. Rip says Jimmy always has a place here. Mia watches as Jimmy drives by. She cries as she realizes it’s truly over for them. Emily tells Jimmy if he’s having second thoughts, then he better confront it now. Jimmy’s not having second thoughts, but he does feel a bit guilty for how it all fleshed out.

Jamie Kills His Father

Jamie returns to his house after his talk with Beth. Garrett is preparing to leave. He says that the last few months have been worth everything he’s gone through in the past. “Don’t you let those f**king Duttons deceive you into thinking you’re a bad man,” Garrett tells Jamie. “You’re a good man, son. And I love you.”

A devastated Jamie says, “I love you, too, dad.” Jamie shoots and kills his father right then and there. He breaks down in tears as soon as he does it. This was option three.

Jamie goes to dispose of the body in Wyoming. He’s dragging the body when he hears Beth’s voice. She takes a photo of him with the body. She tells him that he should have picked options one or two. Three is going to be worse, Beth tells him. “But you’re f**king mine now,” Beth adds.

Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. (Paramount Network)

The next day, Beth drives back to the ranch and walks up to John. She’s kept her promise to destroy anything that’s hurt him. With Beth, that could mean a lot of things. John wants to know if lost another son today. “He was never your son, dad,” Beth says. John acknowledges that Jamie is a “disappointment and his greatest failure,” but he loves Jamie despite it all.

“Do I still have him?” John asks. Beth replies, “Yes, but now you own him, daddy.” She gets up and walks away. Despite everything, life is still raging on. He goes riding with Carter as the day begins again. He got it wrong with Jamie, but maybe Carter could be his second chance.