Adam Rodriguez ‘Excited’ To Put A Latinx Family At Center Of New Holiday Movie

CBS is getting into the holiday movie spirit with 'A Christmas Proposal.' HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with star Adam Rodriguez about this 'great little love story' and bringing a Latinx family into the holiday movie world.

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Adam Rodriguez
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Adam Rodriguez is ringing in the holidays with the CBS holiday movie A Christmas Proposal, which premieres on December 12. The film centers around a Latinx family, and Adam told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he’s proud that “CBS had the vision to know that it’s time to be way more inclusive and the fact that they wanted to put a Latinx family at the center of this story was something that I was really excited about being a part of.”

The actor noted that it “feels great” to be involved in a movie that’s finally bringing a Latinx family into the holiday movie realm. “It was a responsibility that I really welcomed taking on, and it’s why it was important to be a part of the producing team so that I could weigh in and make sure that the way we were being represented feels authentic and not things that you might typically see. It was really important that this family be presented as an American family that is Latin, and you will feel that, and you’ll feel just energetically that these people are warm and all of the things that people might associate with being Latin, but very much rooted in their being American and feeling that way as well.”

Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez stars as Julian. (CBS)

A Christmas Proposal follows a down-on-her-luck chef who agrees to pose as the girlfriend of a hotshot Seattle attorney when it goes home for Christmas. While this starts as strictly business, sparks begin to fly between Julian and Maria. 

“I think it’s a great little love story to begin with,” Adam said. “I thought the way that they meet is cute and it was modern. I love the sentiment behind it. I love that this is a woman who is really just struggling to make her dream come true walks into this family that seemingly has everything. They certainly have their health, they have each other, they have a successful business, and yet they have nothing because they don’t communicate well with each other. They’re dishonest with each other. They’re all about work and getting ahead, and it just seems like they’re everything that the holidays aren’t about. And here comes this angel who walks in — granted, under false pretenses — and makes a move that’s probably more in line characteristically with someone from the family, but it all leads to her bringing all this light to the home and obviously her character and me falling in love. I just loved it. Obviously, we know Christmas movies are going to look a certain way and have a certain feel to them, but I just felt like this story was something unique.”

Adam co-stars alongside Jessica Camacho, who plays Maria. “I can’t say enough great things about her,” Adam raved about Jessica. ” First of all, she’s a wonderful person and just a fantastic actress. I really think she steals the movie. I think she’s just wonderful, and you can’t help her fall in love with her on-screen. We made an instant connection. I reached out to her immediately to welcome her aboard and to introduce myself, get to know her a little bit, and we just clicked right away. There was just a feel and energy right away and we both knew this was going to be a lot of fun. We’ll be able to have a good time. We’ll be able to approach the work with a certain attitude together. We were both really committed to giving it our best and making the material everything it could be and more. That was really the goal and always just to do everything we could to make it the best that it could be.”

Adam Rodriguez
Jessica Camacho and Adam Rodriguez in ‘A Christmas Proposal.’ (CBS)

A Christmas Proposal marks Adam’s first-ever holiday film. When asked if he wants to do more holiday movies in the future, Adam said, “I’m open to anything. I don’t know that I’m going to go down the road of being the Christmas movie guy, but I think that I’m all about a great story. So if there’s a great story to be told, I don’t care what time of year it’s set. It’s all about the right story coming down the pipe. I had such a good time doing this. It really was fun to do something set in this time period, so I’m always open to the possibilities. I never say never.”