‘MAFS’ Reunion Preview: Ryan’s Sister Claims Brett Was ‘Seeing Someone’ While On The Show

Ryan's sister Alexa makes a shocking accusation about Brett 'seeing someone' else in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the 'Married At First Sight' reunion.

Ryan, Brett, and Ryan’s sister Alexa are sitting down for an honest conversation in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Married At First Sight Houston reunion. Host Kevin Frazier points out that Alexa threw Ryan under the bus during their heart-to-heart. Ryan weighs in about how he felt about it.

Married At First Sight
Ryan’s sister joins the ‘Married At First Sight’ reunion. (Lifetime)

“I can understand why she would say that,” Ryan says. “She did live with me for four years, so I mean, she saw that happen first-hand in the past. Again, I probably could have been more open with my sister as well on a lot of stuff, communication that wasn’t had leading to assumptions of the past. ”

Kevin brings up that Alexa was also feeding all of what she said to Brett. Ryan reveals that Alexa came at him “pretty hard” after she spoke to Brett. Kevin asks if Alexa has any regrets about what went down.

“I regret making that assumption,” Alexa confesses. “He doesn’t have a glamorous dating past, so this is just what has happened previously, and I just went off of that and that was my gut feeling at the time, but yes I do regret it.”

Alexa reveals that, at the time, she really felt for Brett. When asked if that’s changed at all, Alexa replies, “It changed because I found out that she was seeing someone and was telling me to my face that Ryan was distracted when she was actually the one distracted.”

Married At First Sight
Brett is accused of seeing someone else while with Ryan. (Lifetime)

Brett looks absolutely stunned by what Alexa is saying. “Brett, is this true?” Kevin asks in the final moments of our exclusive preview. One thing is for sure, Brett is going to have to answer one way or another. Ryan and Brett will sit down to discuss their Married At First Sight journey in the epic reunion. Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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