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David Rosales Delivers A Message Of Empowerment & Inclusivity With ‘Turn It Around’

With help from pro surfers Malia Ward and Juli Hernandez and a pair of skateboards, Americana artist David Rosales brings 'good vibes' while hoping to inspire the next generation of female athletes.

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From the opening notes of “Turn It Around,” David Rosales‘s newest single, it’s clear that this is a slice of audio sunshine. The groovy twang of the guitar leads into some jubilant horns, and one can’t help but smile as the song sweeps away any lingering grey cloud. “Turn It Around” blends Americana with classic R&B and soul, making an uplifting jam that showcases the rising star’s striking voice. “And everyone gets a little low / and everyone gets a little high,” he sings on the chorus. “Believe when you open your eyes / you will see / oh yeah, we’re gonna turn it around.”

The breeziness of the song is matched with the corresponding video, which has Juli Hernandez and Malia Ward – both professional borders and contestants on ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer – cruise around Hollywood on a pair of skate decks. Fancy footwork and smiles abound as Juli and Malia fly across the pavement. It’s such a joy to watch them that you’ll want to join in. That’s precisely what happens – with a handful of women and girls grabbing their boards for a group ride around southern California.

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“I want to empower and promote inclusivity,” David tells HollywoodLife about the new video. “Traditionally male-dominated board sports are now much more open than when I was growing up, and as the dad of a sporty 10-year-old girl, that is something I’m glad to see. I want to be part of that evolution. While filming the video, so many women and girls of all ages were pumped to see Juli and Malia. Strange times need good vibes… and these are the good vibes I want to spread.”

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Hailing from Huntington Beach, David Rosales hopes to bring some of those good vibes with his upcoming sophomore album. Revive should arrive sometime in Spring 2022, his first major project since his 2018 debut, Brave Ones. “Turn It Around” — the first single from Revive — demonstrates how David’s sound has evolved in the past few years. The addition of a Memphis horns-style brass section to his backing band (Rosales & His Band of Scoundrels) brings some southern flavor to his West Coast Americana. The results are a sound that gets everyone moving – be it dancing or skating along into the sunset on a positive wave of inclusion and happiness.