Saya Returns To Music By Bearing Her Soul In ‘Vulnerable’ New Dance Anthem ‘SICK’

After years away from making music, alt-pop star Saya kicks off her comeback with an electro-dance track that sees her 'explore emotions that I've been afraid to admit' she had.

It’s been a while since the world was blessed with a new song from Saya. After debuting in 2016 with her mix of R&B and alternative pop, she fast became a viral sensation, but for years, it’s been quiet. That silence ends today with “SICK,” her first new song in years. Oh, and Saya doesn’t come back with a whisper – but a roar! With shadow-laced vocals and a production that’s as dark and alluring as midnight, “SICK” has Saya confront a lover (“you’re sick as f-ck”) before making a startling admission (“and I like it.”)

The message of the song runs deep for Saya. “After taking so much time off from releasing music, I wanted to give my listeners something they haven’t heard from me,” she tells HollywoodLife, “which was this type of vulnerability expressed throughout the track. It always takes me a long time to process my sadness, and I haven’t always been able to elaborate on those feelings into a song. I’ve had a wall up for so long that writing ‘SICK’ was a huge release for me.”

(Quinton Grant)

“The chaotic story revolves around several different instances and emotions I’ve felt at times in love. SICK allowed me to explore emotions that I’ve been afraid to admit to myself, and in a sense, let me own them,” she adds.

For Saya’s fans, “SICK” is a welcomed return, a resurrection of a career that exploded with 2016’s “Wet Dreams.” Shortly after turning heads with this debut, she released a handful of follow-up tracks that culminated in a pair of EP’s – Chills & Thrills and Sugarcoated. After falling out of love with music due to a bad experience with the music industry, Saya rediscovered her passion after a 2019 songwriting session, the same that produced “SICK.”

(Quinton Grant)

Since then, the Toronto artist has been busy putting together a new EP, READY TO BURN. The project, due out in 2022, continues the themes of Saya reclaiming her power, dealing with toxic relationships, and the pain of power dynamics – all while incorporating new sounds and expanding on her sonic portfolio. Saya is back, she’s better than ever, and we like it.

SICK” is out now.


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