‘The Resident’ Preview: AJ Calls Out Trevor For His Abandonment Issues

Trevor asks to meet with AJ to stress that the 'defining experience of his life' isn't being abandoned by Billie in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'The Resident.' AJ gives Trevor a big reality check.

Trevor calls up AJ and asks to meet with him in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 12 episode of The Resident. There’s something that’s been bothering him. “I’m not interested in that cliche-filled you’re itching to deliver about bad choices and unmet potentials,” Trevor says to AJ.

AJ stops Trevor in his tracks. “You’re dangerously close to putting me off of my favorite breakfast burrito,” AJ replies. Trevor gets back to business. “The defining experience of my life is abandonment is what you said,” Trevor continues.

The Resident
Trevor and AJ in the October 12 episode. (FOX)

Trevor doesn’t think that’s true. AJ decides to shed some wisdom on young Trevor. “Let me help you out. Do you surround yourself with lower companions, huh? Half bright stoners who won’t ever leave because you make them feel special by association. Do you gravitate toward emotionally withholding women who reflect your false sense of your own worthlessness?” AJ asks.

He doesn’t stop there. “Do you have grandiose fantasies about who you might become to show your bio mom Billie what a mistake she’s mad? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then the defining experience of your life is abandonment,” AJ continues. Trevor doesn’t say a word. He knows AJ is right.

Billie’s biological son has come back into the picture in season 5. The Resident EP Andrew Chapman teased the intense reunion between mother and son in our EXCLUSIVE interview.

“Their relationship is going to be incredibly complicated,” he said. “To have someone that you gave up for adoption show back up in your life when you are really crazy about having that person show up in your life is going to cause all kinds of left turns for Billie. Trevor is subversive. He pokes the bear all the time, and he doesn’t give up poking the bear, and that is going to be really explosive between the two of them.”

Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Malcolm-Jamal Warner stars as Dr. AJ Austin. (FOX)

The official synopsis for the October 12 episode reads: “In trying to find a way to channel his emotions, Conrad puts all his effort in looking for answers. Raptor has a run-in with the police that ends up taking a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Leela begins noticing problems with a surgeon who has been Bell’s mentor.” The Resident season 5 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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