‘The Morning Show’s Nestor Carbonell On Yanko & Claire Season 2 Future: He’s Still ‘In Love’ With Her

'The Morning Show' star Nestor Carbonell spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY revealed Yanko and Claire's relationship will be 'addressed' in a way he 'didn't see coming' in season 2.

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Nestor Carbonell
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When The Morning Show returns for season 2 on September 17, UBA weatherman Yanko Flores still hasn’t moved on from his breakup with Claire. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Nestor Carbonell about Yanko and Claire’s relationship in season 2 and whether or not these two will end up back together.

“In the first episode, we see Yanko still heartbroken,” Nestor told HollywoodLife during The Morning Show’s season 2 press junket. “It’s been six months, but it hasn’t been enough time. He deeply fell in love with this girl, and I don’t want to spoil it for the rest… for those who haven’t seen the season, but it will be addressed. That relationship is addressed, and it’s addressed in a way that I didn’t see coming.”

Nestor Carbonell
Nestor Carbonell and Bel Powley. (Apple TV+)

Nestor added that Yanko and Claire’s relationship continues to evolve in season 2 as the writers “bring up other issues between them that have nothing to do with the power dynamics of work or the age gap, for that matter. And I love that and I love that those issues come into play.”

In Nestor’s point of view, Yanko still has so much hope about being with Claire, going out on that romantic date, and making all the dad jokes. “Oh, Yanko is never going to stop seeing a future with Claire,” Nestor told HollywoodLife. “He’s always going to love her and whether or not they’ll have that relationship, we’ll see. Time will tell. But no, he’s got tremendous love for her. They were very compatible in many ways, even with that enormous… I’m sorry, slight age difference.”

In addition to relationship drama, Yanko will also be dealing with more workplace drama in the aftermath of Alex and Bradley exposing the network at the end of last season. “Alex blows up the network to a certain extent metaphorically, and we sort of see the aftermath that the show has gone on without Alex,” Nestor revealed. “There’s a new anchor in her place and a new dynamic. Ratings aren’t as high as they used to be, but the train keeps moving. There’s a new head of the news division. There’s been an entire power shift, which is really fascinating. We have Stella Bak, who’s now the head of the news division, very different to Cory. In my way, she sort of wrecks havoc on my world once she pegs me and puts me in a certain political box and makes me grovel when somebody tries to cancel me. It’s a new world, you know, but like anything, the show goes on but certainly in different hands.”

Nestor Carbonell
Nestor Carbonell and Ruairi O’Connor in season 2. (Apple TV+)

Nestor noted that the show will peel back the layers on some of the show’s most complicated (and problematic) characters in season 2. He said that fans will “see characters that are typically painted as completely villainous, with no redeeming qualities, we’re going to see their lives and we’re going to see how they operate. I love that about the show, that it does explore characters that people are often afraid to paint a full picture of them.” The Morning Show season 2 premieres new episodes every Friday on Apple TV+.