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‘RHOBH’: PK & Mauricio Suspect Erika Jayne’s Lying After She Shares ‘Bonkers’ Tom Story

Erika Jayne reveals another wild story about Tom Girardi during the Sept. 15 episode of 'RHOBH', but not everyone believes what she's saying.

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During the Sept. 15 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne told Kyle Richards that she has “a lot going on” in her life, so she doesn’t have any time to worry about her fractured friendship with Sutton Stracke. “I don’t need that in my life,” she said during a spa day at Kathy Hilton‘s house.

Obviously, Kyle knew Erika had a lot going on, but when Erika revealed a new shocking story about her family, Kyle nearly gasped.

“Tom’s house was broken into, and he confronted the burglar, and then had to go have eye surgery. And then my son had to go help, and then my son — he rolled his car five times on the way home. Yeah… I’m under a lot of stress,” Erika told Kyle. Kyle couldn’t believe what she heard — in fact, during her private confessional she described the story as “unbelievable”. She clarified that it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t believe Erika — just that the story itself seems “unbelievable”.

However, when Kyle later shared the story with Dorit and PK Kemsley, as well as her husband, Mauricio Umansky, it raised a lot of questions for them.

“Is this for real?” Mauricio asked before PK filled him in on Erika’s previous story about Tom driving off a cliff and “flipping the car” in 2017. Kyle and Dorit also added that Tom needed surgery on his brain, but Erika told them that because he was unconscious for 12 hours or so, she didn’t feel comfortable having doctors operate on him — especially “because of his age”. But PK called BS. “I’m not a statistician,” he said, “but what are the statistics that Tom and his stepson both flipped cars? I would guess they’re millions and millions and millions to one.”

Kyle Richards (Bravo)

“Statistically, it’s basically impossible,” he said, to which Dorit said, “What you’re suggesting then is that Erika’s not telling the truth.” But he disagreed. Instead, he said, “I’m suggesting, she’s been in a controlling marriage for 20 years, and she’s still being controlled. I think that Tom lied to her, and Erika went along with it. There’s no car rolling, there’s no 12 hours unconscious. To me, it’s transparent.”

“Let me tell you something,” Mauricio added. “There’s lies all over the place. If a doctor comes to you and says your husband’s been hurt, he’s rolled over, he’s been unconscious and we need to operate, who says no?”

Kyle said that after hearing her husband and PK start to doubt Erika’s stories, it’s making her “question” her own beliefs. Meanwhile, Dorit admitted that the story sounded “bonkers”, but she doesn’t think Erika is lying.

Is Erika telling the truth? Only time will tell. But PK also suggested that Erika should stop posting provocative photos on Instagram — she needs to “show credibility”, he said. Considering her husband is being accused of stealing settlement money from “widows and orphans”, it doesn’t look good for Erika to be sharing overly sexy photos on social media. “Bad moves”, he said, and Mauricio agreed.

PK Kemsley & Mauricio Umansky (Bravo)

PK went on to say that he’d love to see Erika have the ultimate comeback, but only if she removes herself from the “shackles” of the life she used to live, and according to him, Tom is “no longer a credible” person, so he said she needs to distance herself from him as well.

In the end, they fell into a fit of laughter after hearing from Dorit that Erika signed off on Tom getting an operation on his ankle, following his 2017 car crash, but not on his brain. “He’s a lawyer — not a soccer player”, PK said as he joked about how insane it sounds that Erika allegedly signed off on an ankle surgery but not a brain surgery. Kyle covered her face because she couldn’t stop laughing. And honestly, same.

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