Angelina Jolie Nervously Giggles At White House Podium As She Discusses Violence Against Women Act

The 'Maleficent' actress was paying a visit to the White House to speak on a very important issue, while attending bipartisan meetings.

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Angelina Jolie
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Image Credit: Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock

As Angelina Jolie visited the White House on Wednesday September 15, she spoke about the importance of the Violence Against Women act. While she was there to discuss a very serious issue, she also received a grand tour, which included a stop at the historic building’s press room, where she seemed a little nervous and let out a small laugh, as she stood at the iconic podium.

In a video shared on Twitter, Angelina walked up in a mask, and seemed unsure of whether or not she could take off her face covering. Someone off camera assured her that it was okay: “You’re allowed. [Press Secretary Jen] Psaki does it too.” She took off the mask and let out a small laugh. The same person asked if the room was different than she expected. “So much smaller than you would think, right?” he said. The 46-year-old actress responded that the press room and podium felt fitting. “Yeah, but really interesting. It feels just like it should be,” she said.

Angelina Jolie, 46, visited the White House press room to discuss the Violence Against Women Act. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock)

While taking the podium, Angelina also looked great, in an outfit that was very fitting for the political occasion. Other than the black face mask, the Changeling star sported a black sleeveless top, and a long white skirt. She also rocked a pair of black heels and a gold watch.

Angelina met with officials to discuss the act. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock)

Angelina was in Washington D.C. on Wednesday to meet with various officials from the White House and Justice Department, as well as senators to talk about the Violence Against Women Act, which aims to offer support to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, per the National Network to End Domestic Violence. “It’s a health crisis, what is happening,” Angelina told reporters according to CNN. “And it’s going to be solved if we look at it as health and families and invest. … And there is the harm within the families, especially for the children and getting the care early, and the prevention.”

Angelina sported a black outfit, while visiting the White House. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock)

The star has often used her platform to help give a voice to larger issues, such as when she joined Instagram and shared a heart-wrenching letter from an Afghan girl in August. The press secretary also tweeted about meeting Angelina on Wednesday, and mentioned how important the Violence Against Women Act is. “Met briefly this morning with the tireless and committed #AngelinaJolie this morning to talk about the importance of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act and the importance of continuing to fight for women, children and families around the world,” Psaki wrote.