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‘Good Trouble’ EP Reveals Season 4 Plans: Is Callie Leaving LA?

'Good Trouble' season 3 ended on a number of cliffhangers, but the final moments have everyone asking: is Callie leaving the show? HL got the EXCLUSIVE scoop about season 4 from the show's EP.

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Major changes are ahead when Good Trouble returns for season 4. Yes, the Freeform series has been renewed for a fourth season. After that game-changing season 3 finale, fans have questions that must be answered.

Callie is left questioning her career choices in a major way by the episode’s end as her relationship with Gael ended. Mariana believes she’s getting the upper hand on Revitalize Beauty but is Evan working against her? HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to executive producer Joanna Johnson about what her season 4 plans are and everything that went down in the finale.

Maia Mitchell
Maia Mitchell as Callie. (Freeform)

The ending of the episode leaves it wide open as to what the future holds for Callie. What does the path ahead look like for her? She seems to be at a crossroads in her life.
Joanna Johnson: She’s definitely at a crossroads, and she’s really looking at her life and all the ways in which she got derailed. If you go back to the beginning, it’s kind of funny because she was originally going to go to San Francisco to work for a liberal judge up there, but she ended up taking the job with Wilson and go to LA because Jude was at UCLA. He wasn’t doing great and needed him. And then Mariana was like, ‘Well, if you’re going to LA, I’m going to LA.’ So there’s a real pattern of Callie getting waylaid from what she really wanted to do. She wanted to work for the ACLU. She wanted to change the world, and she’s suddenly here finding herself as a defense attorney, so she’s examining her life and her future.

Is Callie sticking around or might she be heading out of LA?
Joanna Johnson: You know, we’ll just have to see. It’s a cliff for a good reason.

Maia Mitchell will be back, right?
Joanna Johnson: We will see Maia Mitchell, yeah.

Mariana has decided to become a double agent at Revitalize Beauty while still working at Bulk Beauty. We found out that Evan’s possible working with Jackie. Is he trying to sabotage Mariana, or is there something else that we just don’t know yet?
Joanna Johnson: That’s really the mystery of it all. The last thing we expected was to see Jackie with Evan. We haven’t seen Evan for a little while after they broke up. I think the question really is, is he in cahoots with Jackie in some way? Is he out for revenge on Mariana? There are so many things that it could be. We want the audience to really be guessing. Like, what is Evan up to? And also on Mariana’s side, is Mariana going to agree to see him? She’s told the Byte Club girls that she broke up with him and that she’s not going to go behind their backs anymore, so this kind of has two different cliffhangers to it.

Cierra Ramirez
Cierra Ramirez stars as Mariana. (Freeform)

Isaac has come back into Malika’s life. What can you say about what his reappearance in her life is going to mean for her?
Joanna Johnson: That’s really the question. I mean, you know, you know what is he. What did he come back for? He’s come back late at night. He didn’t text first. He just showed up. It must be something. It makes you think it’s a romantic reason. People don’t usually show up late at night without texting first or calling unless they’re motivated somehow emotionally, but maybe it isn’t that. What will Malika do? I think she’s gotten pretty serious with Dyonte. I love their chemistry. I love their relationship. She’s seeing Angelica. She’s exploring her sexuality. I think that people have to remember that she said to Isaac, ‘Look, if you can’t handle this, let’s go back to being monogamous. Let’s go back to being together like we were because I don’t want to lose you. I love you.’ And he left town. He left the country. He didn’t hang in there very long with her. I know that some people feel like this is all Malika’s fault and how could she have done that to Isaac… but I think Malika was just honest about how she was feeling. She wanted to explore this polyamory or other relationships, and she was honest with him. She also said, ‘You’re my priority. I choose you first.’ He was hurt, which is totally understandable from his point of view. The way he dealt with it was to abandon her and just leave. So she moves on with her life and now he’s back. Is she going to throw away Dyonte and Angelica, but she does love him. It’s kind of the perfect conundrum for Malika to be in but, again we don’t know if that’s exactly why he came back.

Gael and Callie made the difficult decision to break up. He’s trying to focus on Isabella and the baby. He knew he couldn’t give Callie the attention she deserved in a relationship. When it comes to Isabella and Gael, do you plan to keep them as friends who have a baby together, or could this possibly turn into something more down the road?
Joanna Johnson: I think there’s always going to be the pressure of wouldn’t it just be easier if we were just together? Gael’s family certainly would love that. It would make everything easier, but you can’t force yourself to fall in love with someone just because they’re pregnant. You can’t force it, but on the other hand, I think they have a really great chemistry together. Isabella seems to be a little healthier than the last time we saw her, but you never know. She’s got that side of her that we saw before that can be duplicitous, a little not grounded. Has she just been on her best behavior? You have that tension to it, which I think is fun. Anything’s possible. I really think they do have a chemistry, but is it meant to be romantic or not? I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

We have to talk about the Dennis, Davis, and Matt love triangle. What can you tease about what’s next for this triangle? 
Joanna Johnson: Well, I hope that the audience has some affection for Matt because I think Matt is adorable. He’s a really good, solid choice for Davia. She feels safe with him. And the problem with that is, even though Dennis has been trying his best… I think when Dennis texts Matt to say, ‘Check-in on Davia,’ that was a really selfless thing to do. It kind of proves that he really is trying to change and put Davia before himself. But he left and that really hurt Daviaa. So the question is, does she really trust him? Also, Dennis still has a lot of healing to do, I think he’s come a long way, and I’m loving seeing the character come back to life again. I think that’s really, really endearing and beautiful to watch. But is it enough? I think it could go either way. I think she could choose either one. I would believe either way she went made sense.

Alice has made big decisions about her love life and career. What does her trajectory look like in season 4?
Joanna Johnson: Alice has come such a long way from when we met her in the pilot. Alice’s trajectory has always been trying to find her voice and trying to stand up for herself as easily as she can stand up for others. I think she’s really grown a lot, but old habits die hard. It’s going to be an ongoing struggle for Alice to assert herself. Now that they’ve had this victory with the diversity program by taking power and doing their own showcase, she’s still very green. She has to figure out her career and what kind of comedian does she want to be. Being a stand-up comic is a really rough road. It’s not easy. I think it’s fascinating when you look back at these people’s careers that kind of made it and how they came up. I think that Lunar New Year episode also brought in a different aspect of Alice. Not just, who is she? But what is her identity as an Asian person and an Asian performer? So I think that’s going to be her arc going forward. Also, she still loves Sumi. Sumi’s changed a lot, and they’re adorable together. But can she risk taking a step backward by going back to Sumi? I think that’s the hard part for her.

It’s beyond clear that Callie and Jamie still have feelings for each other. Is getting back together a possibility in the future?
Joanna Johnson: It’s always possible. There’s something about the chemistry between Jamie and Callie that is really undeniable and also between Beau and Maia. I love them together. I love their dynamic. Now that she’s not with Gael, the question is, did she ever really get over Jamie? Have she and Jamie both learned? I think Callie’s learned that in the business of law, you have to get your hands a little dirty. I think that Jamie has learned that he doesn’t like certain unethical things that are going on in the DA’s office, so maybe they’re understanding each other’s point of view a little bit better about what they broke up over in season 2.