ALYA Announces New Single ‘Pleasure Is Mine’ & More: Here’s What We Know

As ALYA embarks on releasing her new music after a successful debut album in 2019, she looks to drop her new single, ‘Pleasure Is Mine,’ on Sept. 17th.

Image Credit: ALYA

ALYA, is finally giving her fans what they want, a new hit song that everyone is going to love! ALYA is set to release her new single, “Pleasure Is Mine,” on September 17, written by ALYA and produced by Grammy, Emmy, and Dove Award-winning engineer/producer Bill Schnee. The follow-up to ALYA’s “American Beauty,” (also produced by Schnee) which generated nearly 500,000 streams on Spotify, and an explosive remix by Dave Audé (Grammy Award-winner for his remix of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars), which stormed up Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Club Songs chart, reaching No.16 in only two weeks.

When it comes to success, it has always surrounded ALYA as she once had a successful career as a journalist in Moscow, but after ALYA left her native Russia nearly a decade ago, she headed to the US and turned her sights to music as a journey for her storytelling, chronicling her days as an immigrant and multi-layered artist on her epically received 2019 debut album Ten Years of Solitude, and its subsequent single, “American Beauty.” After that success, all systems were go for a career in music that has no end in sight!

When it comes to ALYA’s journey and her dive into music she has mentioned, “There’s a common misconception in film and television narratives of Russian women being objectified as sex objects or victims,” ALYA says. “The truth is, we are very diverse. Our femininity unites us, but there is nothing weak about it. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie to rule the world; instead, follow your heart and do the things that please you.”

ALYA researched countless Slavic legends and fairytales featuring strong, independent female characters in preparing for the record. Beneath the combination of urban beats with live orchestrations—a nod to the golden age of Russian classical music—“Pleasure Is Mine” is a song about self-reflection and owning one’s personal superpowers. “I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with this song,” she adds.

“Pleasure Is Mine” is a steamy, sultry, and at times a symphonic midtempo expression of female empowerment. The song owes its inspiration from Russian culture, which ALYA—drawing on years of opera training with her lyrical soprano voice—hopes will help broaden people’s preconceptions about her homeland and break down tired stereotypes.

And when it comes to following her heart, that is exactly what she is doing as she also is launching a Beautiful Journey series that offers interviews in a podcast and video form that focus and offer beautiful lessons for all women to build upon their own already successful lives. ALYA created the Beautiful Journey series and it can now all be seen and is now available on

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