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Sophie Powers Shows The Strength In Vulnerability With New Punk Anthem ‘Life Goes On’

After having her heart crushed by a foolish boy on the subway, pop rocker Sophie Powers reminds herself – and anyone who felt the same awkward embarrassment – that ‘life goes on.’

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Contrary to reports, punk is not dead: it’s alive and well and thriving in Canada. Case in point: “Life Goes On!!” the newest single from rising rockstar Sophie Powers. Born out of broken hearts, tear-smeared eyeliner, and a determination to win the breakup, “Life Goes On!!” is a journey, one that sees Sophie get dumped (“that was when you told me”), find that she was replaced (“guess you found a new one”) before showing that she’s moved on, and found someone who wouldn’t do her dirty like that. “At least you’re happy in the end / glad you could meet my new boyfriend.”

Sonically, “Life Goes On!!” has a gritty texture that will appeal to anyone looking for music with a bite. It’s also fun as hell. With her earlier singles – “Lonely Army” and “1 Thing,” featuring Kellin Quinn – Sophie was able to show off her powerful voice, her talent at songwriting, and knack at weaving together punk, hip-hop, and pop sounds. With “Life Goes On!!”, fans get a glimpse at her playful side. Both the song and the video captures the irreverence of being young, an incredible feat considering what inspired it all.

(Nicole De Khors)

“This song is definitely energetic, tying in elements of punk-pop, but it’s actually a very vulnerable song as well,” Sophie shares with HollywoodLife. “It’s a true story about this time a guy I liked stood me up. Nobody likes admitting they got stood up. But I always feel like I owe myself and anyone who listens to my music the 100% honest truth, no sugarcoating, so I wrote the song with that approach. The lyrics within the track and the title itself, ‘Life Goes On!!’ are pretty direct. I literally start the song by explaining how I took the subway to meet this guy before I was ditched! [laughs] I hope that by being more vulnerable and honest with my lyrics and songs, kids my age won’t be as embarrassed or ashamed of being honest and vulnerable themselves.”

(Nicole De Khors)

The video also has some autobiographical elements too. “I directed and styled the music video myself and was up till 3 am the night before the video finishing sewing the outfits,” says Sophie. “The video is a slightly cooler version of what actually happened on the day this song was written about. You see me waiting for someone getting texts, being annoyed after getting stood up, and then leaving to instead go meet up with my friends. The video was so fun to film except for the part where me and my friends Phoebe and Victoria (in the video) were attacked by seagulls because we had popcorn by the harbor front. Yeah. That part definitely wasn’t fun. The rest was, though, and I’m really happy with how the video has moody, but also a lot of fun moments.”

(Nicole De Khors)

At 16 years old, Sophie is poised to be the next great punk rock frontwoman, channeling the growing angst, frustration, and emotions of her generation into her music. Though she hails from Toronto, she lived in Los Angeles during the quarantine with a group of musicians. Cut off from her family and friends – and them “telling me what they think about my life,” she says – Sophie was left alone with her thoughts. The silence amplified her voice, and she put it all into music. “Music was my outlet during some really dark times,” she adds. “If I can be that outlet and help other kids navigate what I went through, that’s all I want as an artist.”

Life Goes On!!” is out now.