Snooki Reveals Why She’s ‘So Excited’ To Host MTV’s ‘Messyness’ After ‘Jersey Shore’ Exit

Just because Snooki left 'Jersey Shore' doesn't mean she's out of the MTV family. On Aug. 23, the reality star will turn into a host on her new show, 'Messyness,' and she dished to HL all about it!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is no longer a regular cast member on Jersey Shore, but she has a brand new MTV project that she’s super excited about! Nicole will be hosting the new Riduclousness spinoff, Messyness, which premieres on Aug. 23. She’ll be joined by Tori Spelling, Adam Rippon and Teddy Ray in her new venture. She and her panelists will watch and comment on comedy clips that celebrate “dating, partying and all the messy stages experienced in young adulthood.”

“I feel like it’s kind of the same thing [as Jersey Shore] but not,” Nicole told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s two totally different shows, but the same at the same time. On Jersey Shore I get to be messy and fun and drinking, and on Messyness, I get to be fun and messy and drinking my wine. It just kind of made sense. And I’m celebrating with other people on this show. The fact that Tori, Adam and Teddy are there and we can just bring our own opinions and our own stories, I was so excited for. I also wanted to host. I love hosting. I feel like it’s so different. So I wanted to try something different, but of course, still at MTV.”

Snooki has some fun on the set of ‘Messyness.’ (MTV)

As for Nicole’s skills as a host, her co-stars did not hold back from raving over how amazing of a job she does. “She’s a great host!” Adam admitted, while Tori gushed, “I’m so excited for people to see this side of [her].”

Even though Nicole and her new castmates all come from very different backgrounds, they already have top-notch chemistry. “We’re all just an open book,” Nicole gushed. “We celebrate each other’s messiness and congratulate each other. We just get along really well. I feel like we’re the same person, but in different ways.” Tori totally agreed, adding, “A thousand percent! That’s exactly it.”

Tori Spelling, Teddy Ray, Snooki and Adam Rippon
Tori Spelling, Teddy Ray, Snooki and Adam Rippon gear up for the debut season of ‘Messyness.’ (MTV)

Adam also gushed over how “open and honest” all the panelists were while sharing their own stories on Messyness. “We just loved making each other laugh,” he explained. “If there was any hesitancy over anything, it was immediately gone as soon as we started filming. We just meshed right away.” Messyness will kick off with a one-week special event on Monday, Aug. 23, with two new episodes airing each night at 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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