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‘Outer Banks’ Theory: Is Carla Limbrey Actually Related To [Spoiler]?

Now this would be one epic 'Outer Banks' twist. One TikTok user's theory has us thinking: could Carla Limbrey actually be related to one of the characters? Here's how this could play out.

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Elizabeth Mitchell
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Carla Limbrey stormed onto the scene in Outer Banks season 2 with a vengeance. The very rich and powerful Charlestonian was on a quest to find the key to the golden cross of Santo Domingo. She believed a shroud was inside the cross and it would cure her of her illness.

When she finally got her hands on the cross, the shroud was gone. In the season 2 finale, Carla came face-to-face with Big John, John B’s long presumed dead dad, who claims he knows where the shroud is and will take her there if she helps John B. But she may be more connected to the Pogues than we think…

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla in the season 2 finale. (Netflix)

TikTok user zbennettt posted a video and theorized that Carla is actually John B’s mom. While it’s a possibility that could be true, it seems less likely the more you look at the evidence at hand. The video showed a scene from the second episode of season 1 where a framed photograph of Captain Herman Limbrey of the HMS Royal Merchant is seen in Big John’s office. The TikTok user said that Herman is John B’s “great grandpa,” but there’s no proof of that.

Carla could be John B’s relative, possibly his aunt. Carla and Big John didn’t have some big reunion in Barbados, but it seemed like they knew each other. John B’s mom could have been a Limbrey and Carla’s sister, which would make things very interesting. Maybe John B’s mom ran off with Big John and became ostracized from the Limbrey family.

If John B has Limbrey blood, that could make things complicated for Carla. It would explain why Carla only agreed to clear John B’s name after the key to the golden cross was found. Maybe she made the deal and never planned on exonerating John B. If John B is half Limbrey, he has a claim to the Limbrey fortune.

This would be a pretty ironic twist for John B. He’s grown up a Pogue and barely had enough to get by all these years. If he’s related to the Limbreys, he is worth more than he could ever imagine. He’s been a Pogue his whole life but could have been a Kook (not that he’d ever want to be but still).

Chase Stokes
Chase Stokes as John B. (Netflix)

Co-creator and director Jonas Pate hinted that we may explore the mystery of John B’s mom in a potential third season. “Family dynamics are so universally relatable,” Jonas told StarNews Online. “To have these dads around again and potentially, at some point, some of these missing moms, it just touches everyone.”

John B’s missing mom has brought up a lot of questions, and fans want answers. Carla being John B’s aunt would push the show in a totally new direction. The Big John reveal may be the first of many family twists for John B. Bring on season 3! Outer Banks is currently streaming on Netflix.