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‘Virgin River’s Benjamin Hollingsworth Knows Who Shot Jack & Admits Brady Sees A ‘Future’ With Brie

'Virgin River's Benjamin Hollingsworth spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL and revealed he knows who shot Jack, weighed in on that season 3 twist, and Brady's feelings for Brie.

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Benjamin Hollingsworth
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Virgin River season 3 saved its most jaw-dropping twist for the finale. Brady is arrested for the attempted murder of Jack and a gun is found hidden in his car. Brady swears he’s innocent and begs Brie to believe him.

Benjamin Hollingsworth told HollywoodLife that he does not think Brady pulled the trigger and revealed that he knows who shot Jack. He also reflected on Brady and Brie’s romance and spoke about what he’d like to see in a possible season 4. Read our Q&A below:

Benjamin Hollingsworth
Brady and Brie in season 3. (Netflix)

Season 3 ends with the crazy twist of Brady being arrested for Jack’s attempted murder. When you read that in the script, what was your reaction? 
Benjamin Hollingsworth: I better not be spending a potential season in jail. Sue Tenney, our awesome showrunner, pulled me aside and was like, “Just so you know, he’s getting arrested.” And I was like, “Hold on, we’re talking about Brady, right? [Laughs] She said, ” And I just want you to know that, obviously, if we come back, you’re back. You’re a part of the show.” Regardless, I just want you to know that’s what’s happening.” And I said, “Why do you got to do that to Brady? he said, I think everyone kind of misinterprets Brady, maybe underestimates him. He kind of continually gets put in the side of the town where he’s not necessarily welcome, and he’s constantly trying to fight for not just his innocence but a place in the community.

Martin Henderson has said that he knows who shot Jack. Do you?
Benjamin Hollingsworth: Yes, he did say that, didn’t he? You know, in the recent weeks. I have also been told who supposedly shot Jack. I think the punishment is they cut off your tongue if you say it, so I can’t tell you.

Given his reaction at the end, Brady seemed shocked and stunned that he was being arrested…
Benjamin Hollingsworth: Obviously, he wasn’t expecting that gun to be there. I don’t believe, even if he did shoot Jack, which I don’t think he did personally… Maybe it’s because I’m biased and I play him, I don’t think he did it in my belief of things. I think, regardless, that gun was not his. I think we can safely say that’s not his gun based on his reaction.

Maybe someone is trying to frame him!
Benjamin Hollingsworth: I think he’s being framed. It feels like he’s being framed. Also, we got to see a side of Brady that we haven’t seen before. He kind of keeps those cards very close to his chest. He doesn’t really let people in, and he let Brie in. He opened up to her like he’s never really opened up to anyone in his entire life. I think, in doing so, it shows that this is a man not only with some demons and some troubles that he’s gone through in life but with a heart and a real person with real feelings and the ability and capacity to love. So given all that, that’s why I believe that I don’t think he shot Jack. But again, I don’t know.

Brady and Brie got very close in season 3. Do you think Brady is in love with her?
Benjamin Hollingsworth: He is for sure. I think he’s head over heels because what he loves about her is the fact that she doesn’t take any of his sh*t. I think for him that’s a turn-on because I think he’s used to kind of be the alpha side of any relationship that he was in. She definitely doesn’t take any of that BS. For him to see how strong she is as a woman is really refreshing for him because I don’t think he gets that normally in his relationships.

Benjamin Hollingsworth
Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady in ‘Virgin River.’ (Netflix)

Brie and Brady’s romance was obviously complicated because she is Jack’s sister. Jack and Brady were not on good terms throughout all of season 3. Do you think these two men could ever get back to the way that they were?
Benjamin Hollingsworth: I think sometimes when you go to war with someone and you go through such an experience like it is in the Marines, it brings you really close with people. You’re brothers not just when you’re at war, you’re brothers for life. That’s the idea and I think that’s what is really happening between all those guys. What happens with brothers is that you fight. I’ve got a brother. I got two boys, so I see it every day. It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to the next day turn around and give each other hug and be totally cool with one another. That’s the great thing about being brothers is the ability for forgiveness. I really do think that Brady is constantly seeking Jack’s validation and looks up to Jack like a big brother. The fact that Jack’s been kind of shutting him or pushing him away based on his choices that he’s made over the last few seasons, it’s really stung Brady. I think if we get to season 4, will continue to see him try and redeem himself to Jack because I think that relationship means a lot. It would be great to see them on good terms again.

The topic of family came up a lot in season 3, especially between Mel and Jack. Now that he’s fallen for Brie, do you think Brady’s thinking about possibly settling down with a family of his own? 
Benjamin Hollingsworth: I think he can’t get his mind off Brie, and I think just being arrested is going to accelerate that. I think he wants more than he’s ever had. I don’t think he’s really ever had a family as you hear in season 3. His parents weren’t really there for him. His uncle kind of looked after him, but he never really had a traditional upbringing. I think he’s yearning for that, and I think he would love to have that with Brie and is willing to fight for that. Obviously, what they haven’t confronted is this backstory with Brie having this sexual abuse in her past that Brady has no idea about. I think there’s some exploration of letting Brie open up to Brady. Up until this point, she’s kind of been the one jumping out of bed and heading out the door because she’s trying to avoid it. She had every right to and it’s obviously a very big personal thing to open up to someone. I think if she does open up to Brady in future seasons that it’d be a big step forward in the relationship.