‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Lil Eazy-E Admits He Went ‘Overboard’ With Savannah

It's time to clear the air. Savannah comes to the studio and confronts Lil Eazy-E after their massive blow-up at Briana's party in this EXCLUSIVE 'Growing Up Hip Hop' preview.

Savannah Jordan shows up at the studio at her dad’s request and comes face-to-face with Lil Eazy-E in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the July 8 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. This is the first time they’ve seen each other since their fight at Briana’s party. Needless to say, Savannah is furious no one told her Lil Eazy-E would be at the studio.

“This was not what I was expecting. Like, are you serious? An intervention. What kind of sh*t is this?” Savannah says. Lil Eazy-E wants to try and clear things up with Savannah, but it’s not going to be easy.

Growing Up Hip Hop
Lil Eazy-E speaks with Savannah after their fight. (WE tv)

“Have we always respected each other?” Lil Eazy-E asks. Savannah responds, “I mean, I feel like that definitely went on the window when I wasn’t talking to you.”

Lil Eazy-E isn’t afraid to admit he was wrong. “As a man, I probably did take it overboard, but you did shush me or give me a sense of disrespect,” he says. But Savannah’s not ready to forgive and forget so easily. “Eric, I don’t really want to hear anything you have to say right now because your energy from the other day to right now is completely different and I don’t like that,” Savannah admits in her confessional.

Nevertheless, Lil Eazy-E is trying to take the high road now. “I apologize that I went overboard, and I respect you all the way,” he tells Savannah. Stevie J says to his daughter, “Everything is all love.” But is it?

Savannah is furious when she sees Lil Eazy-E. (WE tv)

The synopsis for the July 8 episode reads: “Stevie J puts Savannah in the hot seat for her spending. JoJo and Tanice decide to keep their pregnancy a secret. Tee Tee enlists the help of her mother Maureen to put a stop to the cheating rumor, and there’s hell to pay.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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