‘HSMTMTS’ Sneak Peek: North High Accuses The East High Kids Of ‘Slacking Off’ — Watch

North High just went there. Miss Jenn vows revenge after North High accuses East High of 'slacking off' during spring break in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.'

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Miss Jenn assembles some of the East High squad to see what North High has up their sleeves now in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 9 episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Nina, Kourtney, EJ, Ashlyn, Big Red, Carlos, and Seb all come together on a Zoom call to see what awaits them. Nini is the one to notify everyone that North High has posted a new video on their Instagram page.

“East High, for decades the students of this institution have had greatness thrust upon them,” Lily says in the video. “They’ve had fame, they’ve had popularity, but do they deserve it? No!”

Olivia Rodrigo
Nini reveals the North High video to the rest of the crew. (Disney+)

She continues: “We say it’s time to give another school a shot at the spotlight. North High has spent its spring break on an immersion trip with nothing but theater in their hearts and minds. Meanwhile, East High has been slacking off in style. Almost as if they know they can’t win.”

At that point, Miss Jenn makes Nini turn off the video. “We just need a plan,” Miss Jenn says. “If we want to beat them at their own game, we need to play by their rules. But add a twist, of course. Let’s do something subtle but public to show them that we’re still in this to win it.”

Carlos chimes in, “I don’t really do subtle.” Seb replies, “But you sure do public.” Relationship drama alert! Nini is the one to take charge of what to do next. “We’re on it, Miss Jenn,” she promises.

Miss Jenn
Miss Jenn asks the East High kids to make a plan. (Disney+)

The synopsis for the July 9 episode reads: “When Gina finds herself stranded at the airport over Spring Break, a surprise run-in changes her mind about what she wants. Meanwhile, the separated Wildcats find a way to bond over song during their break, as Ricky finally sees his mom again after their opening night run-in at High School Musical.” New episodes of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series drop Fridays on Disney+.